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What is your soul color?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Did you ever think your soul can be colorful?

Would you like to find its color and what it means?

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh

I have always been artistic as a child. I remember I have used art as stress-relieving even as young as 9yrs. I would usually hide under the bed or close the door and do the artwork in case I am caught as I should be studying and not drawing. As growing up, I loved shading and portraits. Would save my pocket money to buy these books at school. Books are another companion in my life. The stress of exams has always been relieved by my art. Expressing it

I have done from many mediums and have stuck to a few and change them like seasons. Or my pattern of work is very varying on the time of my mind.

So when the Healing journey came into my life back in the year 2009 it clicked yes Art as therapy was always been there and healing me deep within. Acting as a meditation or a mindfulness tool.

When Reiki's level 1 journey came into my life I saw art more in-depth with my confidence skills.

I wanted to learn self-healing techniques to heal my children and personal issues but I never dreamed Reiki would become such an integral part of my work as an n artist. Now I approach a painting session as a healing session.

Before I hold a canvas I bring in Reiki energy and Angels to calm me and then channel the images and work on the artwork. I state my intention of this art and doing relaxation meditation. And state the intention that this piece of art is going to heal me and others who look at it. And it has happened that when people look at my artwork they have felt immense pleasure or satisfaction and healing happened deep within where it was hard to find words to express it.

After the work is finished I find myself much calmer and relaxed and recharged. Art is always closer to my heart to bring that deep heart sense satisfaction. I don’t judge my work as my intention to creating it without any expectations. I give the best knowledge and skills I have gained over years.

It’s one of those art evenings where I was channeled to hold the "Healing through art" workshops. I started to combine Art, Meditation and Reiki together students felt amazing shifts and deep wounds to be healed. No artwork is judged and criticized.

Well, to be fair we are the worst critics rather than anyone else. And we come together to create a better us and relax ourselves to grow stronger in our lives.

This helped people to bring back happiness, passions, listen to their inner guidance. And understand who they are rather than who they thought they are.

They take the canvas work home and place it up in the room and feel that sense of healing vibes transforming in.

We realize we are perfect in every way and we create perfect work that has a deeper meaning to us. It’s about our journey and our path. Sometimes we need to clear the outside channels intuitively off to gain insight into our own inner wisdom.

When in that state of healing your thoughts are clear and more constructive. Another thing I noticed is how my mind comes in balance to now rather than the past or future. As working on the artwork, I need to be conscious of lines and colors using or cleaning brush, etc. Art of engaging my mind in the recent moments happens.

I invoke to Archangel Gabriel to fill me with creativity and give me an idea/inspiration or an image that I can use to bring out in the canvas.

At the end of each work, I thank my guides, angels, Reiki, my parents, and family for awakening this gift I have and providing me with funds and space to do what I enjoy most.

This is a wonderful way to give a slight break or detox to the brain as I say.

If you enjoyed reading my journey with art and would like to give it a try with the online version of the workshop there is a SPECIAL discount I am offering 50%. You can do the art with your family.

or any questions message me.

Date - Jan 29th Saturday 2022 10 - 12 pm PST GMT (6pm - 8pm ) Venue - Zoom

Bringing in online creative healing through art Workshop - A beautiful morning/afternoon shared with some beautiful souls.

Healing through art is a 2 hr. workshop where we are going to intuitively journal through a meditation and then draw, a color that we are drawn or shown in the meditation.

Being perfect is not the idea of the workshop. Being creative and releasing and letting the soul speak on the paper is the main intention.

It’s about not drawing but about creating with your inner self..

It about letting go ...

The joy of doing something different.

Learning to have fun with colors.

Each workshop and private session are about “letting go” of the mind and allowing our intuition and subconscious to be free to express.

The intent in each workshop/private session is a “connection” connection to self and to others, it is about having fun, and reconnecting to a place that has laid dormant in you for so long.

The tribal people of our beautiful planet would gather and share in song, dance, storytelling, and they would paint and tell their stories through paintings. That is what we are going to do. Go back in time to our soul connections.

Here are some positive affirmations you can use for expressing creativity:

· I do something new or at least different—every day.

· All my creative projects bring me great satisfaction.

· My talents are in demand, and my unique gifts are appreciated by those around me.

· I feel good expressing myself in all sorts of creative ways.

· I know that I can create miracles in my life.

Once the art is created I will share some insights into what the art means and the colors mean and give intuitive guidance.

Listen to this podcast "Color your Life" -

Healing through Art workshop materials

What others thought about the workshop

The day was very relaxing from start to finish. Very easy to forget your stresses in between painting the meditations were very relaxing. It's interesting to see how your painting changes through the day. - Anna Doyle

Srimanju is a very kind person and calm energy. A combination of mediations, reiki and painting is very nice. Enjoyed a lot. - Natasha

Relaxed, Relaxed, Relaxed. A beautiful experience and time went by very quickly which proves that the experience was very enjoyable. - Laurence Rigley

I feel re nourished after today's experience and that I have something rewarding for myself. Srimanju is such a calm kind person, she leads and adds to the experience in a very positive way. Overall a very enjoyable and relaxing day. - Claire Rigley

Find life and the prospect of life easier. More confident and more connected after the workshop. -Ann Greaney

Brilliant workshop, allowing you to connect to your inner child and express yourself through colors on canvas. Very relaxing and peaceful. - Sylwia Rusak

I feel like I spoke to the universe and the universe answered. Last week I felt so low and asked the universe for help. It listened and I feel like I am at the start of an amazing journey. Thank you - Gillian Murphy

I would recommend this day as a "time out" to explore creativity and relax. - Mary Mc Keogh

I had a wonderful day. An Escape from the Munderness of everyday life. The Different aspects were brought together wonderfully. I can't wait to come back. I relaxed and more at ease with myself. Compliments to my other therapies I am getting. Helped me to nurture my inner child. - Nicola Clare

This workshop really helped improve how I was feeling. I went from being upset to being calm and relaxed. I also learned how to relax when I was feeling stressed which I can use in the future. - Emma Keogh

The workshop provided a relaxed, intimate atmosphere, where the only expectation was to participate regardless of age or artistic experience. A safe place to explore your art without pressure from self or others - Norma Brewer

I took part in Srimanju healing through an art workshop back in February. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I hadn’t painted in over 12years & was anxious not to be able 2 draw & paint anymore. Well, I have been talking about this workshop to all my friends. I find brilliant the combo of the different meditations done during d day, d personal mini reiki session given to each person & the angel cards really worked for me- d people I spent d day with, different ages & backgrounds, d laughter’s & atmosphere... I got somehow unblocked - & have been painting ever since. I keep on referring Srimanju to my friends because I really know they will benefit from her workshop - just as much as I did. She was brilliant & really helped me a lot. I just wanted to share my experience. -Moira

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