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Annukka Lakari:  

“I attended to your Healing with the Angel course a bit more than a year ago, and I must say that it has been an amazing journey ever since! It all started when I first came to your combined Reiki and Angel card reading session. I was a bit afraid of the angel card reading because at that point I was still afraid to open up the channels as I had had some unpleasant experiences. You convinced me to do it, and I am so happy we did! Today angels are helping me every day and I don't know what I would do without them! :) During the reading you said that "maybe you are a healer yourself" and I remember being very doubtful about that. Later I "accidently" attended to your Healing with Angel’s course (I thought it was a course about how to read angel cards) and I'm happy to inform you that later I studied these things more and today I have a diploma in energy healing! I am convinced that healing and sharing and shining the divine love and light is the true reason for me to be here. I am so very thankful to haven figured this out, and I'm so excited to start planning ways how to make it my full time job! I wanted to share my experience and thank you, because this amazing journey of discovering my true self started with you! So, Thank you thank you thank you times million!!! :)“ 

Barbara Tracz: 

“I am so glad that I met you. All my life completely changed for better of course. I don't like to say goodbye (yesterday last day of course), I know I will meet you again. Thank you for beautiful gift :). I'm so grateful that you came on my life path.” 

Linda Fair: 

“John Fair my husband did the beginner's Reiki with you at the weekend, and he did Reiki on me yesterday & he was fantastic, I have had Reiki before but yesterday was the most Spiritual Experience I have ever had. My emotions were switched on & my own Physic channels were awakened also. I would just like to thank you for getting John started, as I always believed he had healing within him. Thank you for giving him this experience.” 

Mariamme Wims: 

“Many thanks for your email and please forgive me for only replying now. I really enjoyed the session, I was able to become VERY relaxed and slip into meditation which was lovely. I felt very happy and energised after the session and funny enough, when I popped into the shop on my way home the assistant (a total stranger!) said 'Someone looks happy' as I walked in :) I felt great that day and the next, slept well the night of the session but unfortunately started to enter a bad phase in my illness the following night so have been very up and down since then. Hence my rude late reply!  It's a shame that I live so far from your locations and evenings aren't such a great time for me because I feel I got a lot out of that one session with you, I'd love to do more in the future. All the best and thank you for a lovely experience.” 

Miam Mi: 

“My first experience with Reiki has been one of total relaxation and revelation. Srimanju was so welcoming and warmth in her approach that I was put to immediate ease. After the lovely and comforting session, Srimanju tells me that. She kept getting a message that sounded like “MO SI”. My initial response was totally indifference and thought nothing more of it. Afterward, I had an angel card reading and Srimanju asked me what my wishes and intentions were.  Since my dear mum had passed away last October, I told her that my deepest wish was that she would send me a message or sign that she was alright. On my journey home, I kept replaying the message from Srimanju in my head again and again to try to comprehend the possibility of any meaning. Within about five minutes, it immediately dawned on me that “mo si” was my Mother’s message to me that she was alright. In our language, the word is roughly translated as no worry, no problem, alright!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Srimanju. With Gratitude, Love and Best Wishes.” 

Micaela Aruda: “I saw you for a reiki session and angel card reading in Greystones a couple of years back. Everything you mentioned to me happened and I and the children are now in Dubai a year back with my husband. I really loved your work and how positive and guided I felt afterwords. You gave me a passion for the Angels and I'm very much into it now, I look for guidance every day and I thank the Angels every for everything. Thank you so much.” 


I had an Akashic Records Reading with Srimanju and it was very amazing and healing. She asked what questions I had and after listening, she opened the Records.  So much amazing information came through.  It really is helping me clarify what I want and need to focus on in my writing and in my family life.  She revealed many things that no one else could know, except by a true connection with the divine. She also put me in contact with an angel helper that felt like such a blessing!  

Srimanju is such a compassionate healer that it is easy to talk to her and ask whatever life questions you may have.  I would say not to hesitate if you would like a revealing reading!

A. Watson:

I received my first Akashic Records Reading by Srimanju on 3/26/2021. I found Srimanju via Facebook and I scrolled through numerous accounts offering Akashic Records Readings. I resonated with Srimanju when I found her on Facebook and a week after I found her is when I booked my reading. Srimanju was prompt in responding to my email and when my session started. My Akashic Records Reading was spot on without giving her information about myself aside from my full name. Srimanju is so humble and kind! She really made me feel comfortable in my session. I would definitely book with her again as a follow up.

Thank you, Thank you Srimanju!

Sarah P Ulhaas:

I had an Akashic records reading with Srimanju that was so on point. She picked up on my plans of doing retreats in the future and I got another strong confirmation about book writing. It is great to know I am on the right path, especially when I have no idea yet how exactly these things will unfold. But I fully trust they will. Getting a reading like this can even bring on healing to an entire ancestry line, as it was my case. The records showed I was chosen to heal my father's male line, which will not only help them, but also help with presistent issues I have in my life due to that. I am very excited to see the results from that in the near future. The reading was full with information, so I was happy I could relisten to the recording. Srimanju is a wonderful soul, that makes you feel at ease instantly - I highly recommend her

Andrei B:

I was referred to Srimanju by a friend of mine. I have met with her twice now. Before my first session I was in a very dark place and battling with some extremely heavy issues. Srimanju was able to pinpoint the exact root of each of those issues from looking into my Akashic Records and explain how I could rectify and change my patterns to push past the things that were causing me pain. I was most grateful for the complete ease and openness to which she handled my very personal and, at times, distressing questions. The outcome of our first session has been utterly life changing and I owe a great deal to her. A year and a half later I felt the time was right to meet with her again and this experience was no different. She helped me look into some issues that have come up in the time since our first meeting and feel so much lighter in the days since. I couldn’t recommend Srimanju more. Thank you for all you have done for me. I’m not sure I’d be thriving in my life like I am if it weren’t for our two encounters.

Sylwia Rusak:

I first met Srimanju a good few years ago during a reiki workshop in Dublin. She is such a beautiful soul, very gentle and friendly too. I'm so happy I did Akashic records reading with her. Now I have a better understanding of my soul's purpose and about acting from

the heart. Reading also brought light to karmic traumas in the family and I received advice from Srimanju of how to release old patterns that no longer serve me and make space for new. I am truly grateful and highly recommend Akashic Records Reading with Srimanju!

Natasha Friess:

'I recently went to Srimanju for a reading of my Akashic records. My reasons for going were that I was feeling a little stuck and needed a little directional guidance. The other reason was that I was just very curious. My reasons were answered and then some!! I got a huge amount of information, some of which i could understand & relate to in the here and now and some that I know will make sense as time goes on...I couldn't have asked for a better guide than Srimanju, she was able to relay the information in such a comprehensive and gentle way. I feel hugely blessed to have had this experience and it has really encouraged me to open my mind and to see the horizon of my true life's goals. Thank you Srimanju '

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