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Akashic Records Reading

What Can You Expect From Your Akashic Records Reading?

The holistic world is always introducing new concepts, practices, and readings to empower lives. Whether you are looking for a psychic reader or an Akashic Records reading, you will be able to enjoy professional services when you Experience Healing with Srimanju. A dedicated online and in-person holistic healing teacher, Srimanju is a Reiki Master, Author, and Mindfulness Expert.

Today, we want to explore what you can expect from your Akashic Records reading with Srimanju!

Professional Psychic Reader: Understanding Your Akashic Records Reading

When the records open, you know it. Performing an Akashic Records Reading is probably as powerful a feeling as experiencing one and you can do both when you Experience Healing with Srimanju. If you are new to this section of the holistic healing world we probably should take a step back to clarify.

1) What are the Akashic Records?
Known as the Akasha, the Akashic Records are said to exist in a higher dimension than the one we currently live in. Within the Akasha, you will find every idea from past, present, and future stored within the records. Consider the Akashic Records as a database that collects everything that is happening everywhere, similar to the string theory.

2) Why do I want an Akashic Records reading?
When you undertake the services of a psychic reader, such as Srimanju, you can use the Akasha as a resource to guide your life into the future. Self-focused and open-ended questions work best, which is why it is important to avoid conventional yes/no questions during your sessions.

Accessing the Akashic Records with Srimanju can lead you to clarity on subjects germane to your life. From love and romance to your career as well as all of the life events on the way, communicating with the Akashic Records is a revealing experience for all involved. To schedule your session with Srimanju, head to her shop today!

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