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Meditation Classes

Sign Up For Meditation Classes Today and Experience Healing with Srimanju!

As the world grows increasingly strained by natural disasters and global events, it can be hard to carve out space for your own self-care methods. For that reason, consider signing up for meditation classes to properly develop a foundation of mental support for yourself. If you have never taken any meditation courses and are looking for a place to welcome you, you can Experience Healing With Srimanju through her meditation courses and workshops.

Explore the Benefits of Meditation Classes

Improving your self-care routine is all about looking inward. Do you have a method to separate your thoughts from your anxiety? Do you have a way to breathe in your anxiety and exhale calmness? Meditation classes with Srimanju can make a ton of sense for adults and children alike. Let's underscore two different meditation courses provided by Srimanju as well as their purported benefits.

1) Monday Mindfulness Meditation for Adults - This 5 or 10-week program features a weekly guided meditation led by Srimanju. Meditation courses with Srimanju focus on practicing mindfulness and meditation at the same time. Weekly meet-ups are done in small groups with bookings available in advance. This course is ideal for understanding how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into an otherwise busy life.

If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits of meditation, you've come to the right place. Srimanju Katragadda is a Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Healer, and published Hay House Author. Srimanju has taught mindfulness to children at the highest levels, including Fortune 500 companies.

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