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Protection Techniques

Being an Energy healer for the past 11 years, I have realized protecting your own energies is the priority before we serve others. If not, we will get drained sooner and not able to hold the space for others.

The protection techniques that I am going to share below are applicable to everyone, empaths, lightworkers, healers and those who are sensitive.

Some of the signs you may notice of not being protected are

1. Lethargic

2. Sudden body cramps

3. Tiredness

4. Anxiousness

5. Sick

6. Exhaustion

These are some of the signs you can watch out for. They come very quickly and might stay for a while if we are not able to take care of ourselves.

Some Simple tools that will help you to be protected.

1. Hold a crystal

Crystals recharge our energy field and chakras. You need to hold any crystals mentioned here in your palms. Hold them to your heart, or wear them as pendants or rings.

2. Visualization

This is the best and easiest as it's only a thought away. Even if you are in a busy mall or meeting a friend and see or sense the toxic environments immediately, you can shield yourself. You can imagine a white light or a golden light around your body and hold it with beautiful energy. And this acts as a shield for any low vibes to enter. And you will still feel fresh and hold your own energies.

3. Archangel Michael Protection

Call upon Archangel Michael to shield you with his blue cloak of protection. And it is the fastest and easiest. Thought away to protect.

4. Imagine a boundary

This is one of the basics we need to be working on ourselves. We tend to hold space for everyone and want to serve all. And are afraid or uncomfortable to say no to a person or an invite and make attachments even when we are meant to say no for our highest good. Go by your gut and hold the boundary for your highest good.

5. Smudge your aura

With sage, mugwort, palo santo, or Cedar. Anything that you feel recharged with.

6. Aura soma or essential oils

I use Aura soma sprays to protect my aura and essentials oils like Myrrh or Frankincense to hold my space and protect my energies. These oils can be used in an oil burner too.

7. Connect with nature

Mother earth recharges us all and dismantles any energy that is weighing us down.

I hope you found these tips useful and let me know if you use any other tips. Love to hear about your experiences.

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