New Moon Rituals

I have been fascinated by moon cycles for many years. When I began learning Reiki, I chose full moon and new moon times to send free distance healing to all the subscribers and on my social media. I started watching my energies around the full moon and new moon cycles and understanding more about myself and the healing journey. And this allowed me to discover more about the collective energies and how we are impacted at these times. Women are significantly more sensitive to these energies as they are tuned with our menstrual cycles of 28 days.

New Moon is like that new empty vessel. Imagine your vessel is empty, nothing in it right now, and it's our choice what to fill in with—and coming closer to the New moon, it's the perfect time to fill up with all the loving words and good intentions.

Make this time sacred and create a sacred space for yourself and your loved ones.

New moon ritual

The below-mentioned rituals can be done around New moon times. I am sharing a few practices that I follow below.

  1. Cleanse your room and altar, and leave windows or doors slightly open.

  2. Use Sage or Pablo Santo sticks and if you don't have them handy, set intentions to have these energies around.

  3. You can use salt water if sage is not available. Add Rock salt or Himalayan salt, keep it in a bowl and add water to ½ of the bowl. And flush the water away the following day. Avoid ti closer to pets or babies.

  4. Then light a candle and let your intentions reflect on this light.

  5. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated.

  6. I drink Cacao to make myself grounded and it helps with heart-opening. If interested, here is the link to try it out. (I will write another blog post about the benefits of Cacao).

  7. Or Herbal teas are great alternatives as well.

  8. Have a bath time to relax your body and calm your mind to clarify the intentions you want to set.

  9. I go for Oracle cards as divination tools to see the messages that my guides are communicating.

  10. Meditation or gentle stretches are a great way to get out of your mind and into your body.

Keeping things simple and doable has a high success rate. It's okay, and no one is watching it other than you.

New Moon Prayer

Fully be present and repeat the below prayer as you do the ritual,

Dear Universe,

I welcome Joy

I welcome Love

I welcome light

I welcome Clarity

I welcome Growth

I welcome Transformation

I am ready to manifest and set intentions for the forthcoming days.

Thank you

Repeat the prayer and tune with your own words if needed .. (prayers work with much ease when we use our tone). Be in a meditative state for e few minutes, and let this energy sync in with you.

New moon Affirmations

  • I am grateful for everything I have right now in my life.

  • I appreciate and value what's there and what's coming down.

  • I am grateful for a new start.

  • I release what's not mine from the past.

  • I let go of attachments and openly accept life changes for my highest good.

  • I make new space and the new light that shines upon me.