Lessons absorbed in this year 2020

This year is a unique one to be going down in the history. We are all in this together but with our own hurdles and ah-ha moments... We all have stories to tell about what this year has given us and taken away from us. Everyone has got challenging moments either physically, mentally, or economically.

Each calendar year leaves us a scar and a smile, and this year was unique in making that mark to each one of us collectively. Pandemic has affected us all on the earth and this shows how connected we are and each one can feel the wave. I choose to Rise over the fear wave and embrace the compassion wave. And holding space for each other in love.

If you are reading this, that means we are to be grateful for this year in many ways. We are ALIVE and breathing where many are unfortunate. I want to take a moment to pause to step back and contemplate to see what we all need to learn from these tough times to make our world better and happier for everyone.

There have been many blessings and gifts I got to use and place in practice. I am glad I started building that tool kit for the past 10 years which came in handy.

Taking the reflective time, going through the year, and thinking through below are the lessons that I have captivated the most and which became my life support tools.

1. We have no control over external things.

2. We need to be building our inner power and only then we can hold the storms.

3. Mindfulness is a gift. Most needed daily doses of Vitamin M.

4. Conscious breathing changed how I look at my day.

5. Enjoy the company of yourself.

6. Listening and acting on gut instincts.

7. Self-care was the biggest attention grabber.

8. Creative hobbies make life interesting and easier to get through the day.

9. Present moment is what we have in control.

10. Acceptance and moving forward.

11. Boundaries on our energies.

12. Being productive can mean not doing anything.

13. Not being judgmental at other’s stories

14. Being grateful for what we have.

15. Appreciating life from all views.

16. Listening and being kind.

17. Showing empathy and compassion.

18. Able to give more back to the community.

19. Finding happiness in simple things that mattered.

20. Be connected to the day.

21. Slow down and pausing.

22. Creating space for Healing and rituals

23. Making peace with the mind.

24. Reading books.

25. Enjoying the non-travel times and more quality time with family.

If you resonated with any of the tools above, use the, and try it out. And if you have been practicing these already bravo and share in the comments below if anything you would like to share.

Take a deep breath and pause and Breath it out..

Prayer for peace This mantra calls upon protection from divine universal consciousness. Additionally, it is considered to be a shanti mantra, otherwise known as a chant or prayer for peace.

Om saha nav avatu | saha nau bhunaktu | saha viryam karavavahai | tejasvi navadhitam astu ma vidvishavahai || Om shanti shanti shanti ||


May we together be protected, May we together be nourished. May we work together with vigor, Ma