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Ever wondered Why Reiki Works?

Many of you have likely experienced Reiki as a treatment or learned about it as students. You know it works, sometimes bringing about significant changes and other times leading to more subtle shifts within yourself. It undeniably works, and I'm continually amazed by the healing I've personally experienced through Reiki – it's been a truly transformative journey.

But how does it happen, and what did I do differently to achieve such results?

Firstly, there wasn't a dramatic lifestyle change at the beginning. I simply made a conscious decision to give myself 10 minutes of Reiki every day, starting from the first day of my Reiki Level 1 course. It's a commitment I've consistently maintained. Over the past 14 years of healing myself, the positive changes are evident (below is the proof do the change)

Why just 10 minutes?  Life can be busy, especially with a baby, toddler, chronic pain, and work. Ten minutes was a realistic and achievable goal, unlike aiming for a full hour of healing which wouldn't fit into my schedule at the time.

Again, why just 10 minutes? With a baby, toddler, chronic pain, and work on my plate, excuses were plentiful. There simply wasn't time for more. Ten minutes, however, was an easy and achievable goal that fit seamlessly into my busy schedule.

So, what else did I do besides practicing Reiki?

Honestly, not much else. But performing self-Reiki regularly helped me become more present in the moment. This led me to cut back on activities that weren't serving me well, such as watching excessive TV, news, or dramatic novels. I realized I had enough personal drama to work through! Instead, I gravitated toward non-fiction or mind-body-spirit books.

With a calmer mind (with all its 65,000 daily thoughts!), I had more space to explore my emotions, understand myself better, and let go of past hurts and anger.

Most importantly, I began to forgive myself.

After six weeks, when I returned for my Reiki Level 2 training, I noticed significant improvements. My self-esteem was better, my communication and confidence had increased, and I realized that the past wasn't as bad as I'd made it out to be. The focus shifted to the present moment and all the good things in my life.

I learned the power of gratitude. I appreciated my family, and current experiences, and was finally able to forgive the past. Instead of dwelling on it, I expressed thanks for the lessons learned. These past experiences, I realized, helped me find my soul purpose.

Reiki provided the opportunity to cultivate a beautiful garden within my mind, replacing weeds with positive thoughts. It empowered me to reduce self-sabotage and clear away limiting beliefs that I had unknowingly held onto. I learned to create my own empowering beliefs.

The message is simple: If I can do it, anyone can.  Transform yourself and take a step closer to your soul purpose. Take charge of your own power and happiness.

I now live a happy and present life.  Of course, troubles and issues still arise, but I don't view them as insurmountable mountains. Instead, they're like rolling hills – a familiar part of the Irish landscape that surrounds me.

If it feels like your calling look deeper and further.. give an opportunity to learn about Life force energy, Prana, energy etc.

Reiki taps into the concept of universal life force energy, a belief present across various cultures throughout history. This energy, often referred to as qi (chi) in Traditional Chinese Medicine or prana in Ayurveda, is believed to be a vital force animating all living things. Reiki practitioners act as conduits, channeling this energy to promote healing and balance within the recipient.

While the scientific explanation for Reiki's effectiveness remains inconclusive, many users report experiencing reduced stress, improved sleep, and a general sense of well-being after a session. The practice itself can be a deeply relaxing experience, promoting mindfulness and a sense of inner peace. Whether the benefits stem from the energy itself or the act of focused attention and self-care, Reiki offers a complementary approach to overall health and well-being.

Feeling called to explore specific tools or practices? My Workshops, circles, and meditation groups offer a rich tapestry of options. Browse the links below to see if any resonate with your current needs.

Learn Reiki Level 1 in person (Woodinville, 98072) 

Date - 25 May Saturday

Time - 10 am - 5 pm

Early booking offer 

Will serve Cacao in this workshop

I offer a range of services, including Reiki healing, Akashic Record readings, women's Cacao Ceremonies, Meditations, and guidance for individuals and groups. If you're looking for support on your journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery, I invite you to explore my website or contact me directly.

I would be honored to support you on your path to healing and enlightenment.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to awaken, and the most important thing is to be open to the process and to trust your intuition.

Namasté & Angel Blessings,

Srimanju Katragadda

Contact Information:

Mobile: Call/Text/WhatsApp +1 425 697 0988

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