Connect to your inner guide in simple ways

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In our busy routine-driven lives, we live from outside to inside so that we absorb in everyone else's thoughts and beliefs and make them our own. We need an inside-out approach, where we need to discover who we are and what our beliefs are and then we can reach outwards to deal with external situations. As babies, we loved ourselves right down to our own tiny feet.

There is no such term as 'dislike' or 'not good enough in a baby. The baby is always calm, radiant, peaceful and shining out love to others. The unconditional love you get when the baby holds your fingers tight and makes you feel you mean everything to them, even if you are a stranger to them.

They connect to your inner guide and soul talk happens here. There is no language needed. We smile along with them so quickly with no effort. It is only as we grow up that we start accepting ourselves as others see us.

We mend and change in response to our parents, siblings, friends and society. In this way, we miss out on our inner guide and live from the external factors. I will share some tips on building a bridge that connects you and your inner guide to be happier and have a more peaceful life. We can always make peace with ourselves when we are on the right path.

What exactly is an inner guide?

Inner guide is that knowingness; we call it intuition, gut feel, Angels, spiritual guides, etc. It has our thoughts, beliefs, actions, words, etc.

Believe in yourself
Even when no one believes in you.
You are with yourself forever
Please give your consent; it matters a lot.

We all have an inner guide, but we fail to use it or even realize it exists as we grow up. Some name it Inner Knowing, Gut Feeling, Intuition, or other names. By the below tips, you bridge that form and fill the gaps that have been lost since birth with your Inner Guide. We all can reunite with our own Inner Guide.

1. Relax yourself first

This is the most important part. The more relaxed we are, we can tune in easily. All you need to do is be aware of your presence.

Breathe in… Hold .. Breathe out. (5 times) you will notice your energy shifts and your mind is calmer.

2. Ask a non-impactful question at the start.

For e.g. - Do I need to order Indian takeaway tonight or cook a meal?

Later, you can ask deep ones like, What do I need to know about this situation? (any relevant concerns that you need guidance on)

What do I need to release?

What is my life purpose? Etc

3. Pay attention to your emotions, body, etc

Heart rate might change and allow these changes to be felt or sensed.

Look out for the deep quiet voices.. which are giving directions or guidance. These are subtle voices.

4. Set the intention to tune into your inner voice.

Which is always peace, calm, and moving us gently out of our comfort state. Remember, only when things get uncomfortable, we are progressing. And created a safe space to express these intentions


5. Don't let your mind take over.

The moment the ideas or solutions pass from heart or gut to head, we will be thinking from logic. And not all solutions need logic. As long as you have your knowingness, it will all work out.