Cleanse your Home, Aura, Chakras with Reiki

Yes, you can Cleanse your Home, your aura, and chakras with Reiki. You read this right. If you are new to energy work or new Reiki, here I will share how.

Reiki is a universal life force energy. It's everywhere. As we call in Sanskrit, Prana (Life) is in all living things. Unlimited supply of it. After Reiki Attunement, one is shown how to channel this energy into your Chakras which are energy portals that work on your emotions, physical body, spirit, and heal and release any past stagnant energies.

Reiki is one of the easiest forms of energy that I have noticed and worked with to heal in 360 degrees or at all angles.

Absolutely anyone can learn this energy technique. I am a skeptic and left-brained person. Until recently, I worked in a Corporate place as a project manager. But to do what I love for 12 years and do the big shift, I have faith in energy work. Over the years, there are many instances where this has been proven and seen only a brighter side. Even though we have a healing crisis in some instances, it is a release of emotions.

I didn't know any of it while I was training on Day 1 for the beginners level. All I did was listen to my inner voice. And which brought me out of the Dark Night of the soul. There is no magic involved.

Everything is made of energy and has its unique vibration, including you. Everything is in a constant state of receiving and radiating energy. So here is the trick when nothing is constant, we can play with it to move to higher vibrations. And we learn to hold that space for longer times.

Intentions are the most significant factor in energy work. Keeping the thoughts pure with the purpose and shifting the energy will help us attain the state we are anticipating.

Initially, it does take time to be honest, but here we got a tool that works.

How to energy clean Home with Reiki (if you are Attuned to Reiki Leve1, you can follow the below methods)

Ask Reiki energy to cleanse the energy of the room or home with light and happier vibes. And see and feel the room filled with prana (life force) and visualize all the low vibes moving into mother earth. And open the windows and let fresh air come in, which will bring in lightness. And use the Reiki symbols to protect and seal at the end.

And do this below method if you are not yet attuned to Reiki

Stand in the middle of the room and ask white light to fill in and close your eyes and visualize the room filled with bright white light. And open windows and walk out of the room. Come back in 5 min into the room and notice the lightness in the room.

Here you go, simple tips for cleansing your home or room with Reiki. The same technique can be applied for cleansing your Auric field or chakras.

I teach many more simple tools and techniques that you can use in your daily lives with Reiki.

Once you become attuned to Reiki, you can heal at a touch of your hands that lasts your whole life. Anyone can learn Reiki, and you don't need a background in healing or meditation. Reiki is much more than physical healing. You'll find yourself uplifted and renewed on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels as well. Reiki is love that knows no bounds.

I love practicing Reiki and Teaching for the below reasons

  • Reiki is a healing tool you have with you everywhere at any time.

  • Reiki expands intuition.

  • Reiki supports any other healing techniques, including modern medicine.

  • Reiki can be used on anything yourself, partners, children, animals, electronics, Home, car, crystals, Earth, plants, career, finances, relationships, or whatever you can imagine.

  • Reiki enhances any path of self-discovery you are on or the services you offer.

  • Reiki heals without depleting your energy.

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