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Bring happiness to your soul

When we are born we are naturally happy and in a good state. Radiating our light and lifting up everyone around us.

Now moving to teens and adults happiness is something far from the natural state for many of us. We deprived ourselves of it and struggle to be in that zone. It is getting harder and harder and the soul is craving happiness.

With less effort, happiness can be brought back into our lives.

Here are the few tips that I follow and that have helped numerous clients that I shared with.

Bring happiness to your soul through Akashic Records

All you need to set your intention is at allowing this to happen and let the flow in.

In the rollercoaster of life events, we are forgetting what and where Happiness lies and it’s a situation to bringing it back into our lives.

Think of a situation last time you felt happy? [Pause]

We would take minutes to realize it and this incident could be from a past year or years etc but not the fact that when you consumed your coffee this morning you were happy too!!!

Yes being in the present and enjoying is happiness..

But most of us think Happiness lies in exotic holidays, big salary, big house everything related to that is driven by materials.

There are many instances in 24hrs we are happy but we never get a chance to acknowledge it, like for instance- coffee with yourself, colleague or friend, someone says you look beautiful or nice, when you pick your favorite clothes to wear, walk-in park, beach, time spent with your kids today, or your pet when you spoke to your distant friend when you saw a funny thing on billboard etc..

"I usually say the aim of life is to be happy. Our existence is based on hope. Our life is rooted in the opportunity to be happy, not necessarily wealthy, but happy within our own minds. If we only indulge in sensory pleasure, we’ll be little different from animals. In fact, we have this marvellous brain and intelligence; we must learn to use it" - Dalai Lama

I will be sharing with you simple 8 techniques that I started following in my journey to bring back happiness in life and affirmation that you can use:

1. Smile: a simple smile on the face brings me aware that is the ultimate of everything. If I don’t smile means I am missing something. And this helps me to think about what it is and need to let it go

Affirmation:" I am full of Laughter today; I am letting go so I can smile"

2. Relax: once the physical body and mind are relaxed you will see things differently

Affirmation: “I am relaxing in being myself" “My body and mind are relaxing"

3. Quieten: Mind controls us as everyone one. Our thoughts create our future. The lesser the worries, thoughts the more the happiness and space we create to make our life more beautiful

Affirmation: “My mind is Quiet" "My thoughts are creating my future and they are full of energy and positive"

4. Nature walk: Being grounded in nature brings connection to who we are and this helps us to understand the core meaning of our life. Simple walk with bare feet on grass or sand or in your own home and feel the energetic

Affirmation:" I am Grounded" “I enjoy the nature"

5. Breathing: We all breathe take shallow breadth but try deep breaths in and out from our core abdomen and slowly take each breadth this is quite effective in instant relaxation, quiet mind, get the anger out.

Affirmation: “I am relaxing with every breath I take" “My whole body relaxes with my breadths"

6. Gratitude: Simply being grateful for everything we have in our life, yes everything could be the lessons learned or not so good moments we had. This helps us to realize the value of life and attract nicer things

Affirmation: “I am grateful for all things happening in my life" “Thank you universe for providing me everything that gives me happiness"

7. Meditation / Visualisation: 'I am happy' say this and it brings happiness to our world. And helps to simply enjoy the small things in life like having fun on the beach, walking along the park, and see the baby in a buggy smile.

Affirmation: “I am Happy" “I am calm" “I love myself" “I love my life" " My life is full of fun and Laughter"

8. Forgive: Forgiveness helps us to empty a lot of thoughts and gives space to feed in positive thoughts. Life is much more than holding on to a grudge for someone. We only hurt ourselves than any good

Affirmation "I am forgiving ……… [Some person or situation] And this helps for my higher good" “I am letting go of any thoughts that don’t serve right for me now"

You can follow the above in any order you would like.

Best wishes for the bring back happiness into your lives.

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