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Wash away your worries with Reiki in the shower

Reiki is a beautiful life force energy. We can use Reiki in many different ways to shift the stagnant energies in our chakras, soul, cells.

We makeup things in our heads and fill up our worries bag unknowingly since childhood. And it becomes so heavy, like carrying a backpack all the time and over time, that our back collapses until we recognize that it is not ours. We then try to declutter it away. Why not take this moment to do it? Or for a change, not carrying others' backpacks but just dealing with your own.

Following are a few tools that helped me in learning the process:

• When you are in the shower, invoke the Reiki energy with Cho ku ray and Say hey ki symbols. And imagine all your stress, worries, tensions being washed away like dirt from your mind. Visualize all the situations that are not in alignment being melted away from the mind and your auric field, as well into the drains.

• Let it all flow down the pipes. Wash away all the negative energies and unwanted energies; fill in space with the white light of purification. It is a beautiful and easy-to-do technique every day.

• And finish off visualizing you are being shielded with the white light. And thank Reiki energies.

Worries are of the past, not of now. They cannot be helpful on our journey other than to avoid repeating the errors in past judgment.

Another method you can use is to write your worries down. Always writing them helps us see what our fears are rather than assuming there is a lot of them. And writing them down helps to release rather than clog up in suffocation. Once written down, look at it if there can be a plan made and if so, work on it and if not, try to detach from you as it is out of your control. If you have an outdoor party and it is going to rain, you can plan for a marquee and then not much can be done right and turn to prayers. You can tear the paper or light it up whichever is easier for you.

Having plan B helps too for our goals. It helps in having high hopes reduced and anxiety and stress levels as well. The analytical brain calms down when you have something else lined up. You are giving the universe permission to offer you the best.

Give yourself time to chill with music, dance, Zumba classes, natures walk, creative classes, or simply winding down with a good book and your favorite drink (preferably non-alcoholic).

As A Course in Miracles states: Teaching is to demonstrate; only then do we become the teaching. Be like a mother who teaches her child with love and patience. Teach your mind to have positive thoughts and to let go of worries. Then, when your mind needs peace, it will obey you.

Give them a try and let me know how you felt about it.

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