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Top 15 tips to release anxiety

We all know that feeling of pressure called stress. It does happen in our day to day mundane. It can happen when you’re stuck in traffic and running late when you’re juggling, too many demands on your time or coping with work or family problems – or all of these. Haven't come across anyone so far who hasn’t witnessed stress at some point in their life. Some stress can be energizing – it can give you an extra push to meet a deadline or a challenge. But too much ongoing stress can leave you feeling burnt out, affecting both your physical and emotional health. Running on empty space lets you collapse. Stress creates anxiety and can increase the risk of panic disorder, an anxiety disorder problem which causes recurrent panic attacks. For people who tend to worry excessively about things – who may have a generalized anxiety disorder – stress can increase anxious thoughts.

Here I am sharing 15 simple tips that you can try and overcome the anxiety. Over- consistency practice, we can conquer the world. These are simple tools that you can incorporate easily into our daily lives.

1. Breathing

Close your eyes and connect with your body. Breathe into your belly and hold, gently breathe it out. Simple as that and only takes a few seconds to do it. Do as many times as possible or remind yourself to do it every time you drink water. Another way you can also try is to Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose to calm your nervousness system. It is a very quick way to see the results.

2. Vitamin M Meditation

A simple way to do is relaxing your body and bringing your attention to your feet. Set a timer to meditate for a minute. Do self-healing if you are trained in Reiki or any other healing modalities. You can do by Candle glazing or listening to music? Or watching kids play. (Have a blog on this)

3. Self Care brings in Self Healing

Simple as going into nature, near the lake or beach or just sipping coffee by yourself or booking a healing session or getting your nails done are some ways to do the self-care. Remember anything that brings joy to you is important for you right now. Try Dance in nature or read books if you are a bookworm like me. You can Self-heal by your hobbies. If you haven't got one. Take time to make one. Simple hobbies can be good to take it in.

4. Clutter-free- home

Both mind, body, and space this applies.

For Mind Write down all your thoughts, imagine you are downloading all the stuff from your head. Just like when we are trying to clean the cupboards, we empty the shelves first before placing things in neat order. Clutter-free your mind by journaling. Write all the stuff down.

Having a calm, relax, open mind this will bring other stuff to process in the present moment.

For Body, try doing fasting or detoxing as per your body needs and guidance from an expert.

For Space clear the cupboards. Start by small place and go for the whole room. Helping charity brings in many karmic returns. So, choose a charity and give away your unused or recycle stuff.

5. Connect to nature

Forest, Park, beach, balcony or a walk around the tree. If nothing is around print a picture of a forest and view it for a few minutes on daily view.

Being in nature helps us to break the stagnant energies and break us free from stubborn energy to shift up our thoughts.

6. 30 minutes of gadget-free time

Place it in your calendar or reminder to stay off gadgets or social media for about 30 minutes in the morning. 30 minutes in the afternoon and 30 min in the evening. You will notice you are connecting back to real-world and more to yourself.

7. Summer wake up early – gratitude

Wake up 10 minutes early than usual time to get ready for the day. That 10- 15 min early will be so valuable to shift the thoughts, and it is a wonderful self-care tool too. Just breathe in and relax your body. Be grateful for everything and connect to your body. Set your affirmations for the day. Give undivided attention for a few minutes in the morning.

8. Lavender oil

Using Lavender oil helps us to relax and be calm. It is amazing how quickly we relax our breathing and sleep well. Check if you are okay to use before trying for the first time. A couple of drops on eye bags or on the pillow is great.

9. Relax your body

Yoga, Taichi, Pilates might help your body to calm. You are letting chi (Prana) flow over your body, and your body is moving rather than stagnant. Being mobile helps energy to shift.

Coffee time, herbal tea like Rose, Chamomile, Peppermint are great to calm us down. Science has proven that warm water calms us down. Coffee may make you anxious, so do watch out.

10. Release

Release the stuff to create new ideas, new energies, new thinking process to flow in. Imagine the space to create new projects growing bigger in your mind.

11. Friend to hold the accountability

It is so important to be part of a tribe and share the emotions. A true friend can hold the space for you and be part of your upliftment in your journey. So you can do in return for your friend when needed. They will hold the space for you in the heart. Look around if you got one. If not, make your journal that friend. Journals are powerful tools in our growth.

12. Accept anxiousness

Firstly accepting yourself the way you are is so important. It is okay to feel anxious, we are humans, somedays the trigger point will get us. But most important is to recognize the patterns and to work through them. Most of us are in denial to take the moments to accept, and it is okay to receive help from Medical professionals or counseling or through healing. But don’t deny and always ask for help.

13. Observing the thoughts without judging

Best lesson learned via mindfulness is observing the thoughts as they come and go. Remember we have 65,000 thoughts a day, if we sit with them we are of course going to be swamped, but rather make a choice to let them pass by. Choose the ones that help you move forward to your life purpose, gain the goals, move forward from where you are.

14. Self-talk

Always question where your anxious moment or thought came from – is it mine? Did someone plant it for me? Could I do that? If it is not yours, put in your recycle bin in the head. Delete and make space for your new thoughts to come in. 80% may not be yours. Choose which raise your vibrations and not the ones that lower your vibrations. Love yourself and start the journey with yourself.

15. Present moment

Make the most at the moment you got. Everything else is not in our control. Not the past, not the future. Live this second right now. We all struggle with this, and we need to get tune into it.

All the best in your journey and get connected to your Inner Guide.

For further tips, you can get my book – Connect to your inner guide at Amazon and visit my website to know more about my work. –

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