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Time has slowed down....

Time has slowed down…….

To take a deep breath

To stop excusing on how busy you are

To pause and recheck with yourself

To do all the checklist things from home

To plant the seeds..

Time has slowed down…….

To rewind all the tapes and cassettes of happy memories in life

To look back at the childhood memories

To do facetime, video calls or calls with family and friends

To cherish memories of a holiday

Time has slowed down…….

Bring out the journals write… write..

Bring out the book that are to be read…

Bring out the canvas.. paint…

Bring out the wool … knit

Bring out the camera… click..

Bring out the tools…

Time has slowed down…….

Spend time with kids

Play games sports

Rewind your childhood games

Know more about your family

Be in together in this

Support and help

Time has slowed down…….

Tidy the cupboards

Tidy the closets

Tidy the shelves

Cluster free the space around you

Time has slowed down…….

Watch all the movies you intended too

Laughter/comedy shows

Create your vision board

Listen to music

Dance along…

Time has slowed down…….

Plan for the life after

What to do

Where to go

Whom to meet

Time has slowed down…….

To do the creative work

Do the courses online you ever wanted

Check free resources to polish your skills

Improve your culinary skills..

Get your CV updates…

Time has slowed down…….

To self-care

Know more about you

Do the rituals you always wanted

No excuse no time..

Listen to podcast

Audio books..

Pray.. Meditate.. relax

"This too shall pass"

Everything is getting clear and beautiful.. time to reset your inner guidance and go with the direction it is leading you too.

Utilize the time and go with it rather against it..

Srimanju Katragadda

​Namasté & Angel Blessings

Mobile: Call/Text/WhatsApp +1 425 697 0988

Twitter @ExpHealingReikiInstagram @srimanjuexphealing

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