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This moment that will never be back again in the same way…

We are still adjusting to the new routines in life for most of us this is week 3. And great opportunity to reflect on ourselves.. Gratitude is the most used term for me these past days .. more than ever.. and I am hearing others sensing it too.. for everything going on.. and how it is effecting etc.. we can only be surrounded by light and self-care... finally the world heard us and now slowing down.

It feels like we have come off a fast paced treadmill and still feel the spin happening.. it does take time to adjust and be grounded to be aware you are not on a busy schedule and things you cnat control not to hold for too long as you are hurting yourself. In this set up we are all in together some early and some following.

Most of us would have always complained of no time and can’t do things and how many to do lists are hanging around etc... Now we have plenty of time in isolation. The prayers of time for us is heard and lets make with what we have right now. As this may not happen again.. It is universe giving us a Reset button for us.

Check with yourself what are the best possible ways to utilize the time.. for you and your family ...

1. Go for walk

2. Sleep well

3. Eat well

4. Watch all the movies that you pushed it away

5. Read the books that are calling you

6.Write, journal your emotions and list out things you are grateful for.. let the creative writing or doodling flow in..

7. Call your family/friends

8. Learn new skills Plenty of free courses online.. or YouTube

9. Do online certifications or courses..

10. Stretch, Meditation, Breath, relax

be creative and add more to this list...

There are many possibilities for us right now to engage with our selves, remember fear can only black us out.. bring the light and be in the light.. love to all stay safe..

and let us all meditate and visualize beautiful white light around the Hospitals and Hospices, care givers , frontline workers and us all .. to be safe and healthy.. and raise our vibrations of your health.. collective prayers and meditation always works..

Stay safe and healthy..

Love and Light


​Namasté & Angel Blessings

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