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New Year Akashic Message

2022 is the year of growth; you are standing on your feet firmly. The world beneath you has been crumbled many times, but now it is being built with new foundations that you have layered in the past months.

When we arise from scattered pieces, we know our true strengths and emerge, awake and move past the stuckness.

Welcome these significant shifts with love, warmth, can-do attitude.

Now is your opportunity to shine from the inside out.

This year will teach us the strengths and remind us of our fort as more vital than ever before.

Rise and move forward on your path with integrity and faith.

This year is owning your foundation. Now is the opportunity to own your true self of yours.

No one is right or wrong. The path we walk determines what is right and wrong for us. The path is the leader for our soul. Choose the way wisely and walk with your strength.

You have a fantastic gift that you discovered in the past months. Now take charge of these.

These are indeed yours. No one can steal or take them away. What’s yours is genuinely yours.

Let the light shine

On your path

Let the good vibes sparkle

On your path

Let the courage move you forward

On your path

Let the truth hold you strongly

On your path

Let the love spread

On your path

Let the heart expand

On your path

Let the power restore

On your path

Let this path be yours forever

Own it claim it, Live it.

24. Initiation By Air (Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild)

You have a strong and powerful mind. The mind can be a great asset. It can bring comfort, peace and strength, as you to take your spiritual journey. It can also be a dark and destructive force, undermining your power, making you doubt your own heart and keeping you trapped in fear. The mind developed without a loving spiritual practice, can be a frightening weapon rather than a liberating sword. How will you choose to use your mind power?


I call upon the unconditionally loving ones to help me empty and refresh my mind, renewed in eternal love. May I express my freedom in making wise decisions that create joy and love in me and in the world. I ask for divine mercy, compassion, protection and instruction to assist me in bringing my mind into a loving consciousness. May the light of the Divine shine unobstructed through my mind, bringing peace to the world. May the unconditionally loving helpers of humanity help bring light, healing and joy to the minds of all. Through my own Free will, so be it.


Being awake and connecting to our spirituality is the only act we can do now. This calls for action towards our creative side.

Have you been hungry for “Me Time” or want to do something for yourself? go ahead and book an appointment for yourself on the calendar.

No one will buy you the time for yourself. You must grab it for yourself. The soul has been calling to connect to the spark within you.

We are all shifting our awakening stages. No matter where you are in your life, be in charge to show up and do the calling for your soul.


Do not let the fear take you over Build the force within you.

We all had many past lifetimes. Allow your gifts to flow in from them and make it easier on yourself.

Pray and ask for Guidance and let the answers flow in.

Prayer for peace

This mantra calls upon protection from divine universal consciousness. Additionally, it is considered to be a Shanti mantra, otherwise known as a chant or prayer for peace.

Om saha nav avatu | saha nau bhunaktu | saha viryam karavavahai | tejasvi navadhitam astu ma vidvishavahai || Om shanti shanti shanti ||


May we together are protected,

May we together be nourished.

May we work together with vigor,

May our study be illuminating.

May we be free from discord.

Om Peace, Peace, Peace!

Try not to stress over every question, but simply answer based on your intuition. After all, you know yourself better than anyone else. During these unstable, uncertain times this mantra will find peace within us.

Welcome the New year with enthusiasm. No matter what has happened so far welcome the life and take it forward. It is your responsibility.

Wish you all a successful New year and have a wonderful beginning.

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