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How to vibrate at a higher frequency

We are truly one

We are not separate

We are the reflections

And we are the source of our reflection

We are one

--Denise Linn

We are amazing creatures and always full of surprises. Even the doctors haven’t fully understood a human body yet. Unsophisticated things like how the energy is around each human in any given condition. Say for example where a person is starved for three days and they still have a smile on their face and energy around them is lighter and on the other, note another person who is healthy and has everything in life but no joy they are sluggish, lethargic and energy around them would be dense and intense. Everything around us is energy. We are only a form of energy.

No two experiments results will be the same in any given condition as 2 souls are never the same. The more we raise our vibration, the lighter we are on the heart side. We can enjoy, live fully, laugh, and sleep well when the heart is lighter right. But the hard bit is trying to achieve that state of us. Well, it is hard but not IMPOSSIBLE. So that is good news right. Don’t we all want to rest well and live well right?

Light and dark shades don’t go together. Just like the energies. There can’t be lower vibrational energies when we radiate on higher frequency energy. The choice is ours which one we want to vibrate. Once we travel from darker energies to lighter, we understand the value of lighter energies and want to hold the space up there.

As part of Ascension, we go through many storms in our life. It is not the most natural path yet not a close one either.

It is a path to be led with courage,

Witness the unwitnessed moments

Untie the tied knots

Handle the tangled parts

Resolve the unresolved emotions

See the unseen

Hear the unheard

Speak the unspoken words

          It is a magical rollercoaster, and no one knows what’s ahead of us yet as we all lead towards the light. The light within us leads to the light in front of us and walks along this path.

The shredding of layers takes place to make us lighter to be able to spin off the higher vibrations in a more natural way. We can turn the energies easier with no baggage. Unburdening the baggage is the central part of living life at higher dimensions. You can’t carry the same weight when you fly to when you travel by road right. It is the same philosophy. Depending on our mode of transport and place being visited we must pack.

Heal your soul tips:

There is a meditation I visualize every morning to set my tone for the day. Works wonder on a day where you know you have a significant meeting or a meeting a terrible person who could stamp down your mojo.

  • Sit in a relaxed place, spine straight.

  • Do gentle slow in breath and out breath ...relaxing your body

  • As you breathe in bring in white light from the universe fill all your body from head to toe and breathe out.

  • And visualize the beautiful white light gently wrapping you around with every breath you take.

  • You can sit in and imagine for as long as you want or as little as you want.

And do this until your head to feet is wrapped entirely in his warm high vibrational white light which shields you and protects you.

Have a wonderful week

Namasté & Angel Blessings Srimanju Katragadda

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