Home or Office energy cleanse tools

Everything is made of energy and has its own unique vibration, including you. Everything is in a constant state of receiving and radiating energy. In this blog post, I am sharing some tools and techniques to keep unwanted energy off at home or office, or any location you are at. Yes, even in Air B&B or hotels, etc or friends' staycations, you can do the below rituals.

Firstly all homes or spaces clog with stagnant energies. Life happens with our words, thoughts, actions, breakups, divorce, death, sickness, etc., and we need to acknowledge it and release what is not serving us.

When we are in stuck energies, we don't

  • feel inspired

  • health effects

  • lack in sleep

  • mental disturbances

  • Pets don't settle well

  • Children are unsettled etc.

If you have noticed any of these or experiencing this blog is for you. Also, know that sometimes, we need to seek the help of who can read the room's energy.

Firstly begin this journey by walking into the home/ office as a visitor and picking the energies where stagnancy is there by feel or intuition. Nonjudgmental.

Intention setting - Why do you want to do this, or what is your objective about it.

"My intention is to cleanse negative energy from my home, so I am focused and productive" or "My intention is to release my ex's energy and feel peaceful again."

  1. If you are an energy healer, you can use that tool to cleanse the room or home, etc.

  2. Or you can see a Golden light being filled in the room. This way, any lower frequencies energies are released and transformed.

  3. Place Selenite crystals around the entrance or rooms as it absorbs negative energies.

  4. Use Sound bowls, gongs, bells, or clapping hands around the room and corner to ward off low vibes.

  5. Smudge with the smoke of Copal, Franklinscene resins, incense, sage, palo santo, rosemary, thyme, or lavender any dry herbs you have in your spice racket will be beneficial too. Watch out if anyone is allergic to smoke or has pets outside when you do this.

  6. Sprinkle salt around the corners of the home or leave it in a bowl in the corner of the room.

  7. Have fresh flowers in-home or plants that bring in good vibes.

  8. Keep the windows open while you do this, and I prefer music.

  9. Doing this regularly keeps the atmosphere fresh and vibrant.

After the energy cleanse, you will notice

  • better relationships

  • fun times

  • creative space

  • good sleep

  • more energy to do things etc

so why not give it a try today...

Visualize a spotlight and imagine the light spreading in all rooms and cleaning the rooms of any heavy toxic energies. Then, imagine a white or a golden light around your body in your apartment and hold it with beautiful energy. This is the best and most accessible way to cleanse an apartment since it's only a thought away and acts as a shield against any negative vibes. Also, energy flows where intentions lead us, so write a list of intentions for your home and light a candle. -Srimanju Katragadda

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Client Testimonials

We had our house blessed due to unexplained activity’s that occurred in particular areas of the home. Since the blessing and with her guidance of what to do to continue the blessing we have felt at peace and the activity’s has been nearly non existent. The family, especially the kids we have noticed the difference in them sleeping and behaving which is such a relief. We can’t say thank you enough!- Johann