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Harness this Newmoon energy with "Newness"

When we hear the word newness, our heart skips a beat to jump to new areas, new possibilities, new hopes, and new life opportunities to be explored. As this word came in the akashic records this morning, I was curious to know more about it. Here is what I got on Google. newness noun [U] (RECENT CREATION) The quality of having been recently created or having started to exist recently: This word had a high-frequency design to it. Like time travel, we do go along with the word. However deep we are in our thoughts, we shift to new areas even when we feel we cant. Even if you are afraid of getting out of your comfort, this word excites us and slowly eases our unique amenities. We have been here due to the newness we were challenged before. You might have forgotten, but not your soul. And now we are in a setting a new movement is needed. If we don’t move anything and nothing moves as well. It is the law of change. Change has to come by making a change to current situations. What newness are you currently inviting in your life? What do we do with it? How can current situations change? What happens when no hope or vision there? So hold to this frequency as an anchor to where you need to go and pull yourself toward it. Just like a mountain hiker, anchor forward and move in that direction. This, in turn, gives hope and strength to move towards the end of it, which is the goal.

Newness is a thought Newness is a feel Newness is an inspiration Newness is an emotion Newness is a connection

“No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.” every morning of your life and every evening, every moment is new. You have never lived this moment before, and you never will again. Be inspired and activated by this word and change the parts of your life to move forward. The energies have been dense these days. Be in line for self-care, surround yourself with your tribe, and commit to your resting phase. We will get through this. I have podcasts on self-care, Raising our vibrations, to check out to get some ideas for your toolbox. And remember to tune in to receive the distance healing I will send out. Or check my Insight timer page or Youtube. Keep charging yourself with fun activities. Thank you all for the messages.. always shine your light. Let’s forget nothing stays in the same place. The wheel of life keeps spinning and keeps us in sync with our paths. The moon is our constant reminder to stay in touch with ourselves. New moon, it's time to be more calm and reflective. New Moon is all about setting intentions for the coming days. And they tend to be a quiet time for us to reflect and prepare for the actions we may need to take soon after. The energy is low as you can see in the sky the light is barely there.. but as it is the best time to see other planets or stars.. exactly seem to the other reflective parts within us.. take time to journal and chillax.. happy New moon.

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While shuffling, I got two cards this time.. I hope these are making sense as much as to me.

5 Karmic Clearing

You are fast outgrowing a level of consciousness to which are attached particular wounds, issues and struggles. As you outgrow that consciousness, these issues will release their grip on you. You are receiving divine notice that Karmic clearing is taking place, through a combination of your own efforts and spiritual grace from the heart of the divine. It is time for an old wound to be released once and for all. 


I call upon the karmic board of ascended beings, angels, guides and holy ones, who love me unconditionally, and ask for your divine blessing, healing and assistance, now. I open myself up to divine grace, divine love and karmic absolution. I choose to surrender my attachment to the suffering I have experienced. I have learned and been willing to go through this experience, and yet I am now willing to learn and grow through a higher vibrational experience of love. Through divine authority and my own free will, this karmic clearing manifests, now, according to the highest law of love. May this blessing reach into the hearts of all beings, according to divine compassion, mercy and grace. So be it. 

34 Hold your Centre

Have you been rushing out to meet others, trying to bend or accommodate their needs at the expense of your own wellbeing and inner peace? Now you are to strengthen your own energy, you won boundaries, to find your ground, firmly place your feet there, and do not move. Feel your feet anchoring you like a beautiful tree. Let yourself experience quiet certainty, as you hold your centre with commitment, courage and consciousness.


I am empowered by divine love to hold my center, to be  in my truth, to stay strong, to be in my integrity and to act with courage. The only energy I invite and allow to remain in my field is that which supports me unconditionally and with genuine love. I love my boundaries. They are the way that I lovingly choose which energy to invite into my life, and which energy I choose to pass right by me. I do not Judge, but I do choose wisely. I love myself and my life path, now. I hold myself with powerful and caring commitment. May all beings know their true inner strength. Through my own free will and unconditional love, so be it. 

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