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Giving Thanks, Making it a Practice

‘Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.’

— Oprah Winfrey

Even though I learned about gratitude and practiced it all my life, the logic didn’t really hit me completely until I went through my own journey much later in my life. This journey made me connect all the dots together. It was like I was being examined for what I had learned growing up and giving answers.

As Child always saw parents praying in the God’s altar. I would always ask my dad what did he pray for every day, and he would say, ‘Just wished all well.’ He would often say, ‘When we do good we get good back.’ He also taught me that hard work always pays off and to believe in myself and the God. These sentences stuck to me forever. My mom would chant a few mantras from her own self-learning from Hinduism. This, again, was nothing different than being thankful for each and every day for our existence and survival. It was simply bowing to the universe and appreciating everything we had from our soul level.

The day I turned around from self-pity to self-acceptance and started praying saying thank you to God, my life got better. The day my husband said, ‘You are not as bad as you are imagining it all in your head. You are alive; celebrate it!’ changed my life downside up. I realised it is okay if I can’t get out of bed; I am still alive. I am alive to see my kids smiling and started asking for help from the universe. I stopped moaning about my ill health and saw the blessing of having two wonderful kids around me and a helping and caring husband. What else did I need in those self-acceptance moments? My family was being more accepting of me than my own self.

Has this ever happened to you before? Or, are you in a moment where you don’t see the light? I am here to tell you it is okay. Yes, it is absolutely fine. For a moment, look around you and see the gifts you’ve got. I am sure even at the lowest moment of your life you can see a light. It may only be a tiny ray, like stars behind grey clouds. But if you can’t see any at all, then there is no harm in making one up. We definitely make up and fill up our worries bag, so why not make up and fill up your gratitude bag?

Start counting your blessings. Start with baby steps and open the door to gratitude to welcome the abundance that comes along with it. Acknowledge all that has happened and will happen in the future. There is nothing that is not part of the game of life. Maybe at the time of a given situation, it may not make sense. But, remember, it was all a part of the game to succeed in life. This, to me, is the basic spiritual law of existence. We can only look for tomorrow when we have a ray of hope today.

When you look at life as a game, every move you take either makes you win or lose, or you play again. You can replay your failures to learn your mistakes, but don’t repeat them when you play again. This helps you learn and overcome your obstacles with strength and reach out to success that is waiting for you. Life is a game. Play with being optimistic until the last minute. Anything can change.

Life gives you a second chance as well. It is never over with one failure. Always remember that. Your IG© knows this very well. Be thankful for all the failures you had, as you learned what not to do again. It is a blessing to know your obstacles.

Failures Are Lessons To Life

Live fully now. This body and life, you get it only once. If you find happiness in doing any of your wishes, do it. You’ve got nothing to regret, only to make it happen and mark completed. Start acknowledging these thankful moments.

Live the Moment as Your Last One

Gratitude is knowing that everything is in perfect, divine order as it should be right now. Don’t consider gratitude as a hope that it will all work out; it is being thankful that it already has. Believe in it to have already happened.

Write the Gratitude Journal

Start cultivating this new habit of being grateful in your life in all aspects. Identify where they are and bring in more of it. It is a mirror reflection, you gather more and you get to see them doubling. No matter how small it is, keep collecting this treasure of moments. It could be a smile from a stranger down the road, or giving a helping hand to a neighbour. Look around with an open eye to find things to be grateful for. You will see life in a different perspective.

Write down the things you are grateful for in your life, even if it means only one thing right now. For example, you are breathing. Ask your IG© to bring in more, which means bringing you closer to nature to get fresh air, or creating a space to breath in deeply. Draw an infinity symbol beside it. Every day, when you pray, remember this and show gratitude.

I welcome my life fully with being present. Take a pen and paper and write 5 things you are grateful for. Practice this for 21 days and see what miracles come into your life.

Stay safe and healthy..

Love and Light


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