Angels, who are they?

Updated: Apr 19

As per Wiki - An angel is a supernatural being in various religions. The term "angel" comes from the Greek word "Angelos," which means "messenger." Being an "angel" is thus their job, not who they are.

These were my early questions in the spiritual awakening process. Don't get me wrong.. The culture I grew up in never mentioned the Angels. And I only thought of them as Ornamental figurines, seen on Church windows and in Nativity scenes. Even I recollect going into a metaphysical store and asking the lady what do these figures represent? Little did I know that I will talking to them and connecting to them and working with them. And have had many miracles and magical moments in my life since then.

Thank you to my Reiki Master, who introduced Angels through the Angel oracle cards. She used to lay them on the workshop's center altarpiece. I was so curious about how the cards always resonated with what I had a question in my head. It was too spooky and I couldn't picture how the connection was made. And there, the journey began.

We get deeper in spirituality only when we have Why? What? How? Where? When? ….

Only when I question, I learn more. I got to see my Angels through another excellent Angel teacher Aidan Storey. When I did his workshop, I was curious but kept to my culture Angels are for Christians and don't have one. I thought I would not be welcomed to the workshop. Silly me feeling that way. Fast forward to the future, he endorsed my book and did my book launch.

In his meditation, I got to meet my Angel and started connecting to angels since then. It was like a veil was lifted and the realization that they have always been there and I was not seeing, feeling, etc from my inner self. I am a skeptic but open-minded, looking for experiences. And these experiences made my connection stronger and stronger. Since then I have had many encounters with them and their guidance and support made my life much more comfortable. I would have my moments of hardships and in those times, I need to rise above to ask for help.

My life has shifted so much. My spiritual practice grew deeper. I teach and offer Angel card readings and connect to my client's Angels and pass the messages. I always feel loved and cared for.

Manifesting with the Angels -Link to Register

I never felt unsafe or in fear as they are always there to support me.

Angels are purely spiritual messengers (without a physical body). The angels are always there to help, and they are waiting to support us and help us live our dreams. - we need to ask! Our angels are still with us, guiding and protecting us. They have no boundaries of any religion or differences as we would do on a Human level.

You can do something to change your life. Ask your Angels to help.

  You ask the Angels for help, no need to call loud enough to ask in your head. Start with a small help and then to emotional connections. Their guidance is always gentle and loving. When you desire help from your angels, you simply need to ask. Because of the Law of Free Will, the angels can only assist you when you request their help or if your life is ever endangered.

Manifesting with the Angels -Link to Register

I am holding an in-person workshop, “Manifesting with the Angels - Link to Register” on 24th April at 10 am PST. Why not join and learn more about them and how you can communicate with them.

This evening, we will cover how to connect to your angels and how to ask and, most importantly, how to receive them. I am going to share easy simple techniques to connect to your angels.

In-person workshop in Woodinville, 98072

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During the morning, we will experience:

• No more dreaming about how you want things to be, you can actually make it work, I know because I have done it, time and time again to create the life I love by wishing with Angels about your problems, dreams, issues, blockages, inspirations etc.

• Creating Affirmations and why they are so important

• Visualisations and how to use all your senses