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Organizing To get More Done, Better, With Less stress

Updated: May 13

I am always on the task of organizing, myself. Once a week I step back and see what has been achieved and what to be done rather being over the whelmed at the end of the month. I like the small milestones. Guess being a project manager this is what I do professionally and implemented personally too. These are not new, we all know these tools, and it is mostly common sense, but to practically implement is the challenge and below are some steps I have followed and that have helped me. I sense control of what’s around me while doing it. Not being obsessed to be perfect but to be under control to avoid stress as things get jammed. I do have last-minute things but still under control.

Organizing these days can be from your home organizing, or parties, thanksgiving dinner, Christmas lunch or business or work or family life isn’t. wow, so many we got right. We all live in a fast pace life. Yes, our organizing skills are required at all these places and on day to day basis as well.

Imagine if you didn’t have your wallet at the same spot how your morning will be? Looking everywhere, getting agitated of not finding something you need, and running late, etc. How cool will it be to have things at the same space on a routine basis? I am sharing some insights on how to practice this from time to time and these tips are for us all. Take what resonates with you and leave or come back to the rest of them later.

Stress may appear to get things done in the short-term but in the long term, it leads to burnout. When you learn to slow down, you discover how easy it is to be relaxed whilst on the go!

1. Keep it simple

Yes, that’s right, we all tend to complicate our lives by adding more to it. We need to consider decluttering the things we don’t need to include materials to mind space. And go back to the simple life we all lead. Just look at the heavy baggage stuff we all carry and see how you can simplify it. Step back!!

2. Delegation

This is a new thing I learned in my adulthood. To ask for help and trusting it’s okay to delegate. We take on so much on our shoulders and get swamped by the number of things we need to do to organize a birthday party for eg. But see the tasks and ask for help. When you ask, you are able to receive and don’t worry what others will think. You can repay back when they need it in turn as well.

3. Prioritize top 3

Look at the list you got and decode it to Top 3 priorities as of now for today. Take each day as it comes and do your best. Live in the moment. Sure you don’t want to be remembered just by all the chores. Make space for your dreams and desires too.

4. To do’s, Must do’s, Can do’s

I found this magical. Until then I had 100’s off to do things where other than top 3 never got done in months’ time. So, in reality, we have an average of 3 To do’s and 3 Must do’s and 3 for Can do’s. Believe me, this works. Like most of them, we feel they are To Do’s, but in reality, they are nice to have them done but not obstructing much into our progress.

5. Subtasks

Break the to do things to smaller manageable tasks. And you feel accomplished easily and able to do more of the things. As the brain is happy that you are checking off many things on the main list.

6. Learn to say No

Another wonderful one to keep is to have a boundary. Not a physical one but to the mind and not to take on everyone’s duties to yourself. This way you will organize what’s yours and do it. And then be able to offer others help if you got time and energy.

7. Calendar Reminders

Yes, in sync with Technology. Now we all have smartphones utilize it. Feed-in your tasks or reminders and no worries what if I forget kind of thoughts.

8. Post -ITs

If someone, not fancy technology use these. I love these colorful notes around my home. They add vibe and also gentle reminders. It could be as simple as drinking plenty of water or breathing and stretching rather than being overwhelmed just with chores.

9. Don’t forget to breathe

Yes most important. Our body gets relaxed and so do our minds. And we are active we get to solutions or ideas quicker.

10. Stretch

Gentle stretches will loosen up your muscles and relax your body. Need not be too complex ones. Just gentle moves are good enough to give flexibility in tight areas.

11. Declutter

Open space means room for energy to flow your way. Decluttering helps to bring a balance between Yin and Yang. Cluttered space represents a cluttered mind. So start by a rack at a time rather whole office or home at a time. Be practical.

12. Hydrate

Keep yourself hydrated. As the brain is recharged when you sip water. Self-care is vital.

Remember: It's not the busy-ness in life that makes us tired. It's thinking too much that makes us tired. Don't get distracted, get upset or get too 'lost' in anything or anyone. Don't think too much about the work. Just do it! Then your mind will stay rested whilst you work.

Love the below Quote by Louise Hay “I am in the process of making positive changes in all areas of my life.”

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