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10 signs you are a healer

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Have you ever felt like you could read people's minds? Or that your hands are warm and tingly when you touch someone else? If so, there's a good chance that you're a healer! Healers are compassionate people who have experienced deep pain in their lives and know what it feels like. They've also been able to overcome their suffering and turn it into something positive for themselves and others.

If this sounds like you, here are some signs that may indicate whether or not you're a healer:

You are a compassionate person.

You have a strong desire to help others, and you have a strong desire to make a difference in the world. You are kind and caring towards others, even those that may be challenging to get along with. You are sensitive to the needs of others and always want to help others who may need your support or assistance. In other words, you care about what happens around you, and this is not just limited to family members or close friends; it extends outwards into society at large as well!

You understand the pain and suffering of others.

This is a big one. If you have experienced intense pain yourself, if you have suffered greatly and have come through it, then you innately understand the pain of others. It's like an extra sense that most people don't have.

You understand how to relate to people because of your own experiences with suffering. You’ve been there for them (and yourself) many times before, so it's easy to connect with someone going through something difficult now.

You have experienced intense pain yourself.

If you are reading this and thinking, “But I don’t want to be a healer!” or “I’ve had plenty of troubles, but it was no fun at all!” then do not worry: having been through something painful does not necessarily mean that you are destined to heal others in the same way as your pain was healed by someone else.

However, if your heart flutters when you hear stories of people who have overcome challenges similar to those which once overcame you—if hearing these tales fills up something inside of them with joy and gratitude for their friends who helped them get through—then there may well be some healing work waiting for them in their future.

You have gone through a ‘dark night of the soul’ phase in your life

You may have heard of the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, a period in your life when everything seems to be going wrong. Your love life is a mess, you’re struggling to find work or keep up with bills and debt collectors are knocking on your door. In these trying times, it can seem like there is no end in sight and you feel like giving up.

During this time, people often question their faith and wonder if there is any hope for them in this world. They begin to lose faith in themselves and others around them as they experience one disappointing event after another without seeming end in sight. This can lead some people down dark paths where they may try to numb their pain through drugs or alcohol or even commit suicide. But sometimes what appears as an endless abyss turns out to be only temporary darkness before eventual sunshine breaks through again once a person has grown stronger enough through their trials (and errors) so they will never return back into such darkness again!

You are highly sensitive.

Being highly sensitive is not something to feel bad about. It's a gift, and it comes with many perks. Highly-sensitive people tend to be more aware of their surroundings, making them more empathetic toward others. They may also be able to pick up on things like body language and other nonverbal cues that most people don't even notice—this is called being an empath. And if you're a healer? You must be especially in tune with your intuition and gut feelings about what's best for others!

It’s easy to read people’s minds and emotions - whether you like it or not!

You can feel the energy and see the aura in other people.

You can feel the vibes that people emit or give off.

You know who is calling before they call you.

You know who is calling before they call you.

You have a ‘sixth sense’ of people.

You are psychic and can tell what other people are feeling.

You know when someone is lying to you or keeping something from you.

You can spot a liar, but that’s not the only way you’re able to read people. You also can sense their emotions, even if they aren’t showing them on their face or body language. You may be able to feel someone's energy around them and tell what they are feeling at any given moment by looking at their aura.

You might even be able to sense when someone is in pain even though they may not express it outwardly (for example, was someone crying last night, or did they break up with their partner?).

You are able to heal others through touch, prayer, meditation and/or Reiki.

You are a giver. You want to help others who are experiencing pain. You feel that you have been given a gift and you want to share it with the world.

So, are you a healer? At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide. But if you’re questioning whether or not you should be more receptive of your healing abilities, know that feeling like this is completely normal. Many people have had experiences with healing without knowing how or why they were able to do it. You may even be one of them!. It took me a long time to own this and I can relate to you if you are indecisive. Beacuase we are connecting tot he drama of the society and not our own inner truth.

Reiki healing is a holistic healing technique that aims to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by balancing and harmonizing the body's energy systems. Some people can feel a tingling sensation when in contact with others. This is known as empathy and is often associated with being able to sense someone else's emotions without saying anything verbally (in other words: mind reading). During a Reiki session, the practitioner uses their hands to channel and direct energy into the recipient's body, with the intention of helping to clear blockages and restore balance to the energy system. This energy is believed to flow through the practitioner's hands into the recipient's body, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki healing can be beneficial for a wide range of physical and emotional conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and insomnia. It can also help to improve overall well-being, increase self-awareness and spiritual growth, and promote a sense of calm and inner peace.

I am teaching Reiki beginners level in April if interested connect with me.

If you're feeling lost and unsure of your purpose, don't worry. You are not alone in this journey. Many people have gone through similar experiences and found their way back to themselves. With the help of Akashic Records, you can learn more about yourself and find your purpose in life!

I offer a range of services, including Reiki healing, Akashic Record readings, women's Cacao Ceremonies, Meditations, and guidance for individuals and groups. If you're looking for support on your journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery, I invite you to explore my website or contact me directly.

I would be honored to support you on your path to healing and enlightenment.

Namasté & Angel Blessings,

Srimanju Katragadda

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