Significance of 11:11 portal

Have you been seeing 11:11 lately about the timing and the date.. and today being 11:11 another significant day? I thought I will share my experience around it.

It is a beautiful number to look at.. whichever direction you look it is the same energy it creates. In Numerology the number 11 is a master number and represents inspiration, illumination, and spiritual enlightenment.

11:11 signifies the portal between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension. We are multi-dimension and we move around often.

When I was new to the concept of Angels this number was popping up at many places.. Car number, places, car park code, shop numbers, on bills, signs, digital clock time, or a shirt with this number, etc.. and it was all about the universe hears you and answering with these signs. And to keep in sync with what we want rather than what we don’t want. We need to open up and pay extra attention to the surroundings. Our Dreams are being fulfilled and we may miss the signs.

Many of us forget what we want and how to ask in the right sense.

Say if I want to eat healthily – I would say “I want to eat fresh fruit and vegetables” but many times we mix and say “I don’t want to eat sweets or junk food” the universe get the facts as we say and we get attracted to consuming the wrong foods. So the words are very important. Clear those asks with the right vibrations.

“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” —Saint Francis de Sales

What I refer to here is that when we are awakening we are being shown these unique numbers and making us raise our vibrations. Raising our vibrations is like when you meet your loved ones the way your heart jumps these numbers are for our soul. It makes you be in a positive vibe closer to your soul purpose. If you are seeing this number often make sure you reflect and journal on your emotions as this will lead you to the path of your spiritual purpose for being here. And not only knowing and understanding helping you walk on that path.

This particular number is about the past, present, and future which are all interlinked and reminding we are all ONE and Part of ONE energy flow and being in the moment.

Being aware of this number I have always shifted my words and focus on being Grateful and having good thoughts. It is like my anchor to be in the present moment.

Have a good time and best wishes with your dreams and aspirations.

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