How to spiritually deal with anger

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Recently in a workshop, I was being asked by a couple of my students 'how do I let go of my Anger, in this time and age how can one possibly not become angry at a situation or person or past events'? Is it even possible to not be angry? Are there any tools to reduce or control anger or let go of it easily? When we were discussing Reiki Principles in which it states “Just for today, Do not Anger.”

Anger at others or oneself or the whole world creates serious blockages in one's energy and body. It is the most complex inner enemy, and we all have that battle field in us. Letting go of anger brings peace into the Mind.

Anger and resentment all stem from wishing we could change the past. While we can’t, unfortunately, we can adjust our present and change the future. These are not from the present.

Firstly, accept its okay to be angry, and it’s only a part of the emotion. Before it takes over our space, we need to tackle it. Otherwise, it’s okay from time to time we have human challenges to face the anger. It’s not an easy one to be dealt with but need tools to work with it. And my question is, why should we not be angry if a situation triggers?