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Finding your purpose

As we go through life, losing track of what we want can be easy. We often find ourselves caught up in daily stresses and challenges, leading us to forget about our true selves and our dreams for the future. This is especially true when we're young: new jobs, responsibilities, and relationships demand that our attention be focused on them instead of ourselves. But there's nothing more important than finding your purpose in life—it's essential to creating a happy life full of meaning, fulfillment and joy!

Why is it important to have a purpose?

The question of why we exist and what the purpose of life is has been asked since the beginning of time. Many people have different answers and beliefs, but one thing is certain: having a purpose makes us happy and helps us get through difficult times.

Finding your purpose can also help you find happiness in other areas of your life, such as relationships or career choices. It gives you something to look forward to each day instead of just getting by with whatever comes along without meaning behind it all.

What are the benefits of finding your purpose?

  • You'll be happier.

  • You'll have a greater sense of meaning in life.

  • You'll feel more satisfied with your work and how you spend your time, which can lead to more success in life overall.

  • Having a clear purpose will give you more self-confidence and motivation, which means that even when things get tough or challenging, it will be easier for you to push through because there's something bigger than just "getting by" and driving your effort forward (even if only subconsciously).

  • Having a higher purpose helps us become more compassionate toward others and ourselves; this compassion leads to joy--a feeling we all want more of!

How can you find your purpose?

You can find your purpose by listening to your inner voice, your heart and your gut feeling.

If you're not sure what to do with yourself and life is feeling a bit aimless, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I here?

  • What am I meant to do?

  • What have I always wanted to do but never taken the time or energy to pursue it?

  • Who would benefit from my talents and abilities if I could make them available for others' benefit?

  • How can I impact this world through my work/activities/endeavors/interests?

  • What kind of person do I want people around me (friends/family) to think about when they think about me -- someone who is kindhearted and generous, who cares about others, who work hard at whatever task he chooses because he believes in its importance, etc...

What are the steps to finding your purpose?

  • Discover your values. What do you value? What are the things that are most important to you in life? What do you hold sacred, and why?

  • Discover your strengths. What abilities and skills come naturally to you, without much effort or struggle at all? How does this make you feel about yourself as a person--and what can be done with those strengths that would make other people feel good too!

  • Understand your passions. What excites or inspires me more than anything else in my life right now--what lights up my mind like fireworks on July 4th (or whatever holiday is closest). If I could spend all day doing just one thing, what would it be (besides eating chips).

Finding your purpose is not always easy, but it's worth the time and effort. Discovering what makes you happy takes patience, hard work, and open-mindedness.

It's important to be committed to your path, even when things get tough or you think you've made a mistake.

You should be honest about where you want to go and what kind of person you want to become, as this will help guide your decisions throughout college and beyond!

How Akashic Records help in finding the purpose

Akashic Records is a record of your soul's journey. It can help you find your purpose, understand your values and passions, understand the strengths you have, and even help you understand who has influenced you in life.

The akashic records are a spiritual library that contains the information of all souls. The records are believed to contain every thought, word and deed of your life.

In these blogs, I share how to use the akashic records to find purpose in life.

Want to read your records?

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If you're feeling lost and unsure of your purpose, don't worry. You are not alone in this journey. Many people have gone through similar experiences and found their way back to themselves. With the help of Akashic Records, you can learn more about yourself and find your purpose in life!

I offer a range of services, including Reiki healing, Akashic Record readings, women's Cacao Ceremonies, Meditations, and guidance for individuals and groups. If you're looking for support on your journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery, I invite you to explore my website or contact me directly.

I would be honored to support you on your path to healing and enlightenment.

Namasté & Angel Blessings,

Srimanju Katragadda

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