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Expect the Unexpected Transformation Starts Now

You will get more content with yourself and start accepting who you are. Below are the things that I started seeing differences in myself: First thing I noticed when I accepted the changes happening during my reiki practice was being aware of my thoughts and my surroundings. Thoughts were more noticeable and I was more alert. I was finding my way to knowingness about why I am on earth.

What is it that I was meant to be doing? Why did God create me? Why did I choose to be born again? Things were deep but were helping to make sense of the puzzle that was being unfolded from the past.

My work life was getting less stressed as I was learning to have boundaries and learning how to manage my work/life balance. Being more present was helping me to create a bond with my children and my partner. I was less at headspace and more at feet space, which is grounding. Reiki was definitely giving me feet space that I had always needed. I was learning how to control my thoughts and, so, I could change my beliefs, which changed my reality. I was constantly craving to have more inner peace. It is a joyful state to be in. And, I was working towards that craving to feed my soul. Usually, I call reiki my addiction and so do my students. Good, positive addictions.

Doing self-healing through reiki was giving me that inner peace. Your senses are more alert. You notice your 5 senses opening up. For some, one of them could be stronger than the other. For me, it was more about vision. I started seeing the Angelic Realm, the aura, and people’s energy and reading them through their energy field. Listening to your gut feel is something you will be doing more often. If you are new to it, I highly recommend writing your experience down.

Take baby steps. It’s fun. Remember, as a baby you were natural at this. It is bringing that practice back into action. You got to do this. A simple exercise is to try and ask your gut what kind of a day it is going to be like when you wake up and write down what you feel. Then, visit what you wrote in the evening and notice the similarities. Spiritual teachers and books will be arriving at your sightings. The more positive things you think, the more creative space you will attract. I shifted from reading fiction to non-fiction (mind, body, spirit) books. Such a radical change.

I never knew that a common person can communicate with spirits or angels. But that whole perception changed for me as it was getting clearer that we all have gifts that we weren’t using. I now Expect the Unexpected 38 Connect to Your Inner Guide to communicate with my spirit guides, guardian angels, fairies, etc. Whenever I am ready to hear and they are ready to share. It all happens at a soul level through your IG©. You become more telepathic as well. You see signs and knowingness of your own self increases as well. This is another fun game: If someone calls you, you will know who it is without seeing their name; or, before opening the door, you will know who it is. Try it out with openness. You get closer to your pets and plants. I started hugging trees.

After I completed my level one reiki workshop, I went to the nearest park with my friends during the break and felt the urge to hug a tree. And I did it. It felt so good. I hadn’t realized that was what grounding meant. Don’t be embarrassed. You would love it too. Involve your friends in your weirdness. Spread that weirdness around. I welcomed fishes into my home. It is a great feeling to share the love with animals and plants. For me, reiki was the beginning of the change.

For you, it could be different. We all vibrate differently with energies, and we all must find the right one for us. Ask yourself what are you practicing currently or would like to that is or will impact you. It could be yoga, mindfulness, Kundalini Reiki, meditation, Pranic healing, angels, Akashic healing, Shamanism, art, music, dance, photography, etc. We slowly stop expecting things from the outer side and start looking towards the IG© and we listen to and care for ourselves. We learn to love ourselves and others. Yes, the priorities are meant to change and are 39 changing. Welcome this change to your soul through your own IG©.

(IG - Inner Guide)

#ExperienceHealing Tip: Follow the star in your heart and let the magic unfold.

This Friday I am teaching Kundalini Reiki from 10 am PST - To 12 pm PST

This energy healing technique is quite simple and very powerful.

Watch video on Kundalini Reiki 
Your KUNDALINI REIKI Online Homestudy purchase includes
  • Digital download of the Kundalini Reiki manual (PDF document).

  • 3 distant attunements ( Level 1, Level 2, Master Level)

  • A certificate via email.

  • Training and support during the attunement duration via email.

  • At the end of the course, you will be Kundalini Reiki Master

  • As a Kundalini Reiki Master, you can attune others to Kundalini and teach your own Kundalini reiki classes

Some of the benefits of getting Kundalini Reiki attuned are

  • Raises your vibration

  • Stress relief

  • Removes blocks in our energy centers

  • Gives a positive outlook on life

  • Better relationship with self and others

  • Better health

  • A clearer vision of your life journey

  • Clearer intuition and spiritual connection

  • Another tool in your toolbox of life

  • Combines the universal and earthly energies for stronger energy healings

About me with regards to Reiki Journey: I have been practicing Reiki for 12 years and teaching since 2011. I love practicing Reiki on myself every single day and I call it beautiful habit/addiction. I served as a committee member in Reiki Federation Ireland for over five years. For more info and booking, please Phone Srimanju, +1 425 697 0988 or email

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Srimanju Katragadda

(Pronounced S-ri-manju Ka-tra-gadda)

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