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Celebrating you!

Today is a special day celebrated all over the world as valentine's day. It's great to see one day dedicated to love. Love is everything and love is my religion. We live in a busy life and more on a conveyor belt system from morning till night. We don't have time for expressing our love and this is the day where the shops, social media and cards remind us to express our love to our loved ones. It's a great feeling. I love celebrating it too. But this celebration can be done on a random day again, instead of just valentine's day.

Well, now start uniquely celebrating love but to yourself. Take this day and moment to celebrate you. The existence of you. The reason you are here. Remember, you are unique, beautiful and wonderful just as you are. Love yourself unconditionally and accept everything that you are.

Just see one unique quality of you and celebrate for it. It is not about external validations. It is about you.

Take time to book in time for yourself. Just spend time with yourself or a book, sipping your favorite coffee, journaling your thoughts, spending time with your hobbies, walking in nature, watching a fun movie, write self praises etc. Anything that elevates your joy. and it doesn't matter if you are single or with someone. Remember, you are always with yourself.

Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.

Just because you deserve it and you mean a lot to yourself.

Treat yourself and this downtime is so recharging you to be YOU. Love is you. Define your love towards yourself. If you love yourself, you will never be disappointed. Self-love is everything. Only if you have enough love, you can give to others and build your pot of love.

Celebrate you and this day and any day.

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