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Ignite Your Inner Fire: Summer Solstice Celebration and Ceremony

Ignite Your Inner Fire: Summer Solstice Celebration and Ceremony

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In this immersive experience, we will come together to ignite our inner fire and embrace the radiant energy of the sun. Through guided rituals, meditation, and ceremonial practices, we will tap into the solstice's potent energy to align with our highest potential and purpose.


Discover ancient wisdom and modern techniques to stoke the flames of your inner fire. Explore practices that support personal growth, self-expression, and the manifestation of your desires. Connect with the transformative power of the sun as we harness its energy to fuel our intentions and bring them to fruition.


During this workshop, you will:


Connect with the energy of the Summer Solstice and its significance in various cultures and traditions.

Engage in powerful rituals to release what no longer serves you and invite in new beginnings.

Cultivate a deeper connection with your inner self, aligning with your passions and purpose.

Learn techniques to ignite your creativity, confidence, and personal power.

Set powerful intentions and work with the energy of the sun to manifest your dreams and goals.

Experience a guided ceremony to honor the solstice, integrating the wisdom and energy of this sacred time.


No matter where you are on your journey, "Ignite Your Inner Fire: Summer Solstice Celebration and Ceremony" offers you the opportunity to embrace the transformative energy of the sun and unleash your inner radiance. Step into your power, embody your intentions, and celebrate the abundant possibilities of this vibrant season.


Join us with Journal and an open mind.


Cancellation Policy for the Online Course Purchase

No refunds on Online Demand course once material is delivered. 



For more info and booking, please call on +1 425 697 0988 or e-mail:

  • Cancellation Policy

    It's a Non-Refundable Workshop.

    Workshop is recorded and can be watched later.

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