Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

Mindfulness is very good for our children.

It provides them with a life skill to support their overall wellbeing.

It increases their ability to concentrate and focus

It increases self-awareness and awareness of others helping children to build and develop self-awareness, self-esteem and positive & healthy relationships with others around them.

It helps children develop an awareness of their thoughts and emotions creating an understanding and awareness around choosing their behavior rather than habitually responding.

You can have fun with these practices with mindful eating, investigating different tastes instead of thinking “this is just broccoli.”

The more fun it is for them and the more they discover it for themselves, the more effective it will be. It’s about being together, and making it playful and fun.



Few of the activities that we cover in these classes

1. Mindfulness breathing

2. Techniques to relax mind, body and various breathing methods

3. Mindfulness - Eating and activating our senses

4. Kindness/ Gratitude

5. Mindful walking

6. Meditations from 3- 7 min..

and much more...we all do crafts and glitter jars which are very popular with kids.


Thank you


Srimanju Katragadda


Srimanju is an Author, Mindfulness meditation Instructor. Teaching children in Schools for the past 4 years. Does teach Meditation and Mindfulness to Adults and in Wellness programs in corporate companies. She is constantly learning to know simple tools and techniques to help and nurture children through Mindfulness and Meditation. 

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