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Lions Gate Portal Workshop

Lions Gate Portal Workshop

The Lions Gate portal, opening around August 8th each year, is a powerful time for manifestation, personal growth, and aligning with your highest potential. This workshop will guide you through a transformative meditation experience, tapping into the Lions Gate energy to unlock abundance, creativity, and empowerment.


Join this 90-minute Transformative workshop and reclaim your power for personal expansion and awakening the Universe Within.


What you'll gain from this workshop:

  • Deeper understanding of the Lions Gate Portal: Gain knowledge about the astrological and energetic significance of this time period.
  • Enhanced awareness: Learn techniques to heighten your intuition and receive guidance from within.
  • Powerful meditation experience: Activate your inner potential and connect with the Lions Gate energy for positive transformation.
  • Clarity and focus: Set clear intentions and receive insights for manifesting your desires.
  • Actionable tools: Discover practical techniques to integrate the Lions Gate energy into your daily life.


This workshop is open to anyone interested in personal growth, harnessing the power of cosmic events, and manifesting their dreams. 

Join us and unlock your potential with the Lions Gate Portal!


If you can't attend Live you can receive the Recording to watch later.

This event is held on Zoom.


For more info and booking, please call on +1 425 697 0988 or e-mail:

  • Cancellation Policy

    It's a Non-Refundable Workshop.

    Workshop is recorded and can be watched later.

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