Learn Akashic Records Level 1 In Person

Learn Akashic Records Level 1 In Person

Learn Akashic Records for Beginners.

There are three levels of Akashic Records, with specific training for each level.

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The Akashic Records are, then, a hidden library of records imprinted on the subtle space of the Akasha.


No Prerequisite for this level


Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “Aka” means space, storage place, or repository, and “Sa” means sky, hidden, or secret. A simple translation of “Akasha” is “an unseen space or storage place.” Also referred to as ‘Book of Life’ and ‘Book of Remembrance’.


My Soul is from Elsewhere, I am sure of that, and I Intend to end up there" - Rumi


Everything that has ever occurred is recorded; each thought, word, action, feeling and intent of every person. Like a huge cosmic world wide web that has existed since the creation of the universe, each of us has our own etheric webpage. When accessed, it can act as a guide, helping to clear karma, contracts and vows and allowing us to create an unlimited future by unblocking areas that might unconsciously be holding us back.


Learn about:

  • What are Akashic Records
  • Learn how to access Akashic Records for yourself
  • Attunement to 5th dimensional 12 chakras
  • Access Sacred door Prayer©  to tune into the records
  • Raise your vibration to assist in continued clearing

…and much more


In the Workshop, you will be helped with

  • Releasing old patterns that no longer serve us.
  • Discover talents and unleash to the self-discovery
  • Clear your personal energy field to have healthy boundaries.
  • Understand what your life lessons are for this lifetime.
  • Knowingness to your soul purpose.

And much more..


Ongoing support via the personal Facebook group for the students.


You will receive:

  • An attunement, a spiritual initiation that will open the access to Akashic Records realms with ease.
  • A level 1 Akashic manual.
  • Akashic Level 1 certificate.
  • Prerecorded Meditations to access the Records


Workshop numbers are limited to maintain a high student teacher interface and to support quality feedback. A deposit of $50 secures a place on the course. The balance paid on the day of the course.


For more info and booking please Phone Srimanju, on 425 697 0988 or e-mail: info@srimanju.com

  • Cancellation Policy for the Workshops

    Although unavoidable at times, Students are asked to give as much notice as possible for any appointment cancellations. In the event of a cancellation the following fees may be charged:More than 14 days notice, no fee.Less than a week incurs a 75% charge.No notice of the cancellation incurs the full fee.


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