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Healing through art and Cacao Ceremony

Healing through art and Cacao Ceremony

The theme is Dotillism (Dot painting is a technique where dots of paint, varying in size and color, are applied to a surface to create beautiful patterns and designs.)


Date - Aug 18 th Sunday

Time - 11 am - 1 pm

Location- Woodinville, 98072



Intuitive painting is a form of therapy that helps you tap into your inner self and connect with your highest wisdom. Through the use of color and spontaneous creation, you can explore and play without judgment, leading to a liberating and healing experience. These workshops are perfect for anyone looking to improve their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, regardless of prior art experience.



All art materials provided 

If you have any specific things to bring please do so.


This is a beautiful time to ground, reconnect, center and receive downloads.


No art/painting experience is necessary.


Blog post about Cacao -


We will have interactions with:




Oracle cards

Essential oils


and create art that heals us.

We will be doing channeled art to let the flow begin.


What is a Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremonies are a celebratory ritual that opens the heart through the use of cacao (ceremonial-grade cacao). It is rooted in helping re-balance our energies, open our hearts, and restore good health. Consuming Cacao with an intention helps in switching off the external noise in this chaotic and stressful world and taking an inward journey to access stuck emotions and heal the soul. It helps with the flow state of mind and soul. Consider journaling or holding space for creative expressions.


Cacao is a powerful superfood that offers a boost of energy without the crash of modern stimulating beverages.


This powerful superfood, plant medicine, has many benefits and uses; some of these include:

Consciousness & Spirituality

Workplace Productivity

Creativity and Art

Athletics and Physical Training

Healthy Living


Keith's Ceremonial Cacao is 100% Pure Cacao


Want to Purchase Ceremonial Cacao?

Either purchase directly from me


Please use this Affiliate link

or code ExperienceHealing at check out on Keith’s Cacao Site



Have you ever felt you want to do something creative with your hands?

Have you thought that doing ART it's a fun and Stress-free time?

Have you ever felt ART is relaxation?

Want to know why you are drawn to some colors?


Healing through Art workshops is designed with a passion for exploring the creative side of our personality.


The intent in each workshop is a “connection” connection to self and others; it is about having fun and reconnecting to a place that has laid dormant in you for so long.


The motivation behind this workshop is to get you connected back with those inner passions.


Following is the format

We will have Cacao

Then will start with guided meditations to relax and then we let the imagination take over.

It doesn't matter what we do as each painting and art has a meaning that the person will get and make them happy. Complimented by Angel card reading.


So it’s all about letting the inner child talk to us through the colors and brushes for the day and make us happy with a new beginning full of positive energy.



Listen to this podcast "Color your Life" -

Read the blog on "What is your soul color" -



In art and healing, the artist is you. No training is needed. The creative process itself heals.


Workshop numbers are limited to maintain a high student-teacher interface and to support quality feedback. Full payment is required before the workshop begins.


For more info and booking, please call on +1 425 697 0988 or e-mail:

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