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Tips to clear Negative energy

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

If you are a healer or a therapist, this is the everyday business to work with the clients, right? And not only a healer but also anyone working in public service will be in contact with the people of all emotions and energies and energy vampires.

You may relate that negativity makes us sulk, weak, tired for no reason and drains our zest of life. The sooner we don’t tackle it the bigger it grows. We may become so used to it that it will be hard to differentiate which is our energy to deal with and which is others. The energy vampires around us are planted to make this happen. This is not the only case for healers but also in public offices, spaces everywhere we travel. Narcissism is increasing or I would say that we are becoming more tuned about it.  I am not trying to fright you by saying all this. The reality is there, and we all are trying to battle with it. Raising our own vibrations is what we are in control of and can deal with it.

I have been working with all kinds of clients for the past 9 years as a therapist and have learned the ways to keep my energies healthy as much as possible. The things from day One I believed Light attracts light. I keep it simple and open about this concept and teach in workshops to focus just on the light to my students.

I have outlined a few of my tried and tested techniques. I like to keep changing things and work on new techniques as this brings in new vibes and new tools to my ever-growing tool kit.

To begin with, the aura is the one that is attacked first with depleting the energies before we do the cleansing of the body. We need to look at our aura and scan which areas need more lift. If working on the home, it is the energy scan of the home that is required.

Some chakras of the body are more likely to be affected than the rest. Some rooms are more depleted than the others and that is okay. You can scan by your third eye and know which requires the priority. If you are not aware of it will share this in another blog later.

Here I will be sharing tips to release the negativity of other people in simple steps

1. Reiki

The first thing I learned was to protect by Reiki. I use power symbols to protect my energy field first thing in the morning. If you are not trained in Reiki, you can use the below methods.

2. Archangel Michael

Angels protect us and guide all along. We just need to ask them to shield us. My first one to call is Archangel Michael. I laugh about it calling him as my boyfriend. The one who stays with you all day and night and looks after. Once you wake you ask Archangel Michael to protect you and your home and shield for a healthy and energetic day. Keep it simple and thank in the night for being looked after. Even if you don’t believe in Angels you can ask and work with him. Give it a try.

3. Crystals

Crystals are the earth element. Each crystal has its own unique properties. I use Black Tourmaline Crystal, which is known for its ability to positively transform and “cleanse” negative energy around. Then other ones to look out for are Onyx, Smokey quartz, Hematite, Selenite.

4. Meditation

Even if it’s for only for 10 min a day, highly recommend to cleanse the previous day energy to bring in fresh vibes. Mantra meditation or chants are great to focus and lift up if settling with no thoughts is just not happening. Look upon the sound cloud or headspace app for guided meditations. Choose your convenient time, morning, afternoon or night.

5. Laughter Therapy

Best way to breakdown the energy is laughter therapy. Nothing works faster than a good laugh. It breaks down the energy of stickiness, anger, restlessness, sleep issues, the frustration that is being built up. It gives a break from repeated pattern thoughts.  By laughing, you are helping in the release of endorphins, promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain. Best way to do is watch a stand-up comedy show or a have a bucket list of comedy movies to go to.

6. Power of sound

Bells or gongs break the low energy vibe and create high-frequency energy. They have been used for space clearing and energy clearance work for many years in Tibetan and Asian countries. Crystal bowls, wind chimes, drums, Tibetan bowls or bells are great tools to have around. If you have nothing, then just clap with your hands. I would recommend going with the music of these instrument sounds around the corners of the home to clear the energy.

7. Music

Music with a 417Hz has been associated with transforming negative energy into positive energy. You can find plenty on YouTube to play. I play mantra chants and leave it on repeat and let space be cleared. It is a great tool while cleaning the home or space we spend more time.

8. Resins

These are ancient methods used for clearing the energy the churches, Mosque, and temples. We can use these at home too. My favorites ones are Frankincense, Myrrh, and copal that I go to when I feel sticky energies. Use a charcoal disc and Metal or heatproof container to burn these. Also, remember to open the windows if you are doing this method.

9. Essential oils

I use these daily at home or at my therapy place. If at therapy place, I use them prior to seeing the clients as they might be intolerant to the strong smells so be cautious about it. The ones I go for room cleanse are Frankincense, Myrrh, sage, lavender, lemon, peppermint. Check the fragrance before purchasing and always try to get them organic. Use with oil burner or diffuser. Keep it in the safe distance if you have young children or pets.

10. Indoor plants

These are great energy recharges. Some plants are better than others. Don’t get the spiky or cactus ones. Have them around the home and office. Also, Fresh flowers are great too. Try for Jasmine, Lilies, Lavender, Rosemary.

11. Salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps look good in the home and also does the cleansing. Salt is a great absorber for negative vibes. Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions into the air, which reduce anxiety and promote a relaxing, peaceful environment for sleep. You get them at many local stores now.

12. Listen to Podcast - high energy vibe speakers

If the energy is low in mind with chatterbox then I listen to the podcast and pick my high vibe speakers like Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein or Jay Shetty. Their voice is louder than my own inner voice and helps in breaking the pattern of thoughts.

13. Sage smudge

A great one to let the negative energies clear away. Some may not like it. Open the windows while you use this.

14. Imagine a white light

White is the powerful light; some recommend golden light as well. Whichever appears to you imagine you are around and within this light. Safe and protected.

15. Shower with high energy vibes

While in shower imagine the water to be a cleanse light and let it run from top to bottom. If possible, a cold shower is great as it a shock to the system to wake you and be refreshed. Again, only a few minutes is enough to do this.

16. Pray and surround by positive words

No matter how much clearance we do and still have self-doubt we are going to be tired and packed with negative vibes. Take the time to practice affirmations. I write in a post-it  (sticky notes) and stick around to make this habit as a constant practice.

17. Grounding

The best way to connect to yourself and to the present is by Grounding. You can do while still in the bed trying to wake you. When you Ground all your attention is on yourself and in the present moment. Not on any wandering thoughts mostly.

18. Protecting

Imagine yourself in an eggshell that is transparent and protects with white light. You can do while you feel tired as well or fresh.

20. Aura Soma© Spray

I love these Aura Soma© products especially Archangel Michael spray. Immediately I feel refreshed. Try in a fair if you like before purchasing it. They are expensive I have to say.

21. Palo Santo sticks

Shamans have been using these many years. A great one to let the negative energies clear away. Some may not like it. Open the windows while you use this.

22. Salt cleanses

Sprinkle some salt under the carpet or at the corners of the house. I use a ceramic bowl and place some rock salt with herbs like lavender, rosemary or peppercorns to keep the place with fresh energies. Some people use salt in their cleaning solutions too to keep the home fresh with no lingering energies.

23. Lemon and water

Place lemon or lime in clear glass water and watch it for a few days. The lemon turns bad if there are negative vibes and will stay fresh for days if there is clear energy. I have the home at constant. This is physical proof for the energy cleanse.

24. Salt bath

If you feel lethargic, tired, weak for no reasons then it is about time to have a salt bath for 15 min. Sea swim if great too. In case you don’t have a tub, you can place a handful of Epson salt in a bucket and pour the water over yourself. If not dip your feet in the bucket. You will feel fresh and sleep well.

25. Distance healing to space

This is done via intentions or any healing modalities you are aware of. If I suspect negative vibes the place I will visit, I will send distance healing to this location or situation and send in a healing vibe.

26. Spotlight technique

Imagine yourself in a spotlight. You will only see the light and the darkness is dimmed and we need not worry or think what’s outside the light. There might be many things, but you will be walking in the light and what is the need for out of focus?

If any of the above techniques haven’t helped, I would recommend visiting a therapist for Chakra rebalancing or Reiki session. Sometimes another therapist intervention is so needed when all else fail. Also, I have clients come in for Akashic records Reading to clear the energies off. As the energies would have been carried for a long time or from past lifetimes as well. I usually have once a month slot for ME time and this gives me the recharge time and clear up energies and tune back to myself.

The above all of the techniques I have been working on. Some are easy, and some take a longer time to see the effects in a given situation. We can avoid and not take any actions, or we can take responsibility for our own energies and make it brighter.

Do try these and let me know which is your favorite one and if anything else you do please share. I am constantly looking for new ideas.

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