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Spiritual lessons of Autumn

The Autumn season shows us how to embrace change, it reminds us to accept and flow with the change. Like the falling leaves, you must let go to move forward, grow and heal. For those in the Northern hemisphere, notice the signs of Autumn and it's super bright now. It is the time to loosen up ourselves. Change is inevitable but embracing it and moving forward is the great lesson we learn this time. Autumn is a beautiful season of change. Most vibrant colors you notice. It can shift lightness to the soul if we work along with it. Ask yourself what you are resisting in this season. Periods of transition and change are often fraught with pain and crisis. The energy of fall is all about change and balance, an invitation to take a moment and slow down. A time to reflect, re-evaluate, and nurture ourselves. We begin to take from fall one of our greatest lessons – letting go. The trees leave transition into beautiful colors and eventually, one by one, begin to fall We get uncertain about what we need to project or deliver in the fog of thoughts. But going within helps us in delivering our soul essence.

We are born not to be perfect but to grow and evolve. Growth comes when we are in space and not in a closet. Think for a moment about where would you like to grow and become and why?

What would you like to achieve? How are you progressing forward? What tools do you need to grow? Have you got your soul tribe?

You may not have answers to all these but remembering the starting point to question and move forward is most important. The times of release and uncertainty are the most significant gifts we drive in by. We are needed to hold on to our strengths than weaknesses. Imagine those leaves shredding off the branches and letting the tree hold on to its inner strength. In winter months, trees don’t need to carry what is not essential. They shred leaves to be strong and not be weak.

It is time to let go, so here are a few thoughts to ponder around.

1. What are you worrying about? 2. What burdens are you carrying? 3. What are you ready to unpack now? 4. Can you change the past? 5. Or move forward with lessons adapted?

Release the past and travel lighter into dark months with little light is essential. Holding to your wounds won’t heal. You need to release them. Change is most uncomfortable for humans. We resist and don’t deep dive soon enough. The tendency is to hold, and then learn to embrace or let it go. When you let go of something you will feel an imbalance but remember to embrace with things you love most and the parts that excite you most in life.

In my 1:1 session, I notice the patterns where we feel overwhelmed and have have too many activities to run behind. And after a calming Reiki session or an Akashic Records session, you will notice a regain of strength and rearrange the diary to suit the best our needs now.

The boundaries are placed and walked on the path of uncertainty to be felt and bring back to us.


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